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In addition to yellow round faces with various emotions, animals, plants, and other small pictures depicting familiar objects, the standard Unicode set also includes a number of emoticons with simpler geometric shapes that are most often used in business correspondence as markers to emphasize a point.

In a separate category we can distinguish the so-called Check Emoji, the check marks with which we usually mark completed items in an action plan. There are three options for such emoji in our gadgets today, and today we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Types of the Check Emoji

So, as we said above, there are several variants of Check Emoji in the standard Unicode set, namely three. And, although the context of use for all three is exactly the same, they do differ from each other. How exactly? Let’s find out below.

✔️ This is probably the most restrained and correct variant of Check Emoji, which is appropriate to use in business correspondence of any level. The black checkmark on a white background looks very modern at the same time, thanks to a slightly rounded bottom part and lines diverging to the sides of different lengths. The “Checkmark” smiley was assigned the code U+2714 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Unicode 1.1 symbols section in 1993.

Emoji Check

✅ This is a brighter version of the classic Check Emoji, which is also quite appropriate for use in work chats and correspondence. Thanks to the green and white color scheme, this emoji creates a stronger accent. The White Check Emoji was assigned the code U+2705, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 characters section in 2010.

☑️ Another black and white Check Emoji variant, but in this case presented as a white V-shaped check mark on a black and gray square. Here, the check mark itself is more geometric and its lines are thicker than the other two variants. This emoticon looks more official.  The “Checkmark in a Square” emoticon was assigned the code U+2611 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Symbols section of the Unicode 1.1 standard in 1993.

The Use of the Check Emoji

The Check Emoji, shown as the V-shaped tick, is most commonly used to mark the completion of something, it symbolizes completion and successful completion of a task. These icons can often be found in list posts. Whether it’s a list of work tasks, or a regular grocery store shopping list.

This icon can also be used to let the person you are talking to know that you have received and correctly understood their message, hints or instructions, or have “picked up on the task at hand”.

The third use case for the Check Emoji is in an approving context, where you want to show the interlocutor that you fully support them. Here it can be compared to the 👍 emoticon, which has been losing its popularity lately.

Check Emoji


As you can see, these Check Emoji have no figurative meanings or difficult to explain interpretations, so you can safely use this or that check mark in messages where you want to confirm the completion of any task, or confirm to your interlocutor that you have understood him correctly, or fully support his decision. But which of the three emoji options to choose is up to you.