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Sparkle Emoji is one of the most neutral and frequently used emoji in the Unicode set. They make any post more attractive and take on new meaning depending on the context. Glitter can be used as an accent, to express sarcasm, to show anticipation, or as a greeting. Increasingly, however, sparkles are being used to introduce something new or even mysterious, such as artificial intelligence.

The sparkle icon was added to the Unicode 6.0 character set in 2010 and then was included in the Emoji 1.0 emoji set in 2015.

Meaning of the Sparkle Emoji

Sparkle Emoji

The sparkle emoticon is an emoji in the form of three bright stars that resemble a sparkling flash. As a synonym, this symbol is also called glitter.

Sparkling emoji is usually used to denote various positive emotions, including love, happiness, joy, and gratitude. With this emoticon, the brightness of the event or feelings being experienced is emphasized. This symbol is often used to indicate something shining and sparkling, as well as a symbol of beauty and splendor.

In anime and manga aesthetics, sparkle emoji are used as an accent, when the author wants to show something beautiful or cute, or that a character is excited, or happy.

The Use of the Sparkle Emoji

Emoji Sparkle

The Sparkle Emojis are used to show something bright, magical, and beautiful. This emoji perfectly complements messages in a festive and congratulatory context. In the literal sense, the sparkle emoji means the stars in the sky and cosmic constellations.

Also, this emoji is often used in the headlines of articles that aim to evoke strong emotions in readers and contain some important statements. Also, the Sparkle Emoji plays a role of an accent, when the author wants to emphasize something in the text.


Stars and glitter have always symbolized something beautiful and new, and Sparkle Emoji is, first of all, a symbol of beauty and joy. In addition to its decorative property (sparkle emoji can decorate anything), this icon has a practical meaning: with Sparkle Emoji you can accentuate the text and draw attention to the headline.

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