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If everything is more or less clear with emoji that translate facial expressions, then everything is a bit more complicated with icons, flowers and animals. In general, the meaning of such emoticons is very individual and subjective. It is important to remember that symbols can have different meanings in different contexts and for different users.

For this reason, it is important to know the person well to understand what meaning he puts in this or that picture, everything here depends on the personal experience and perception of each person.

One such symbol, which has recently become very popular in social networks, is the Blue Butterfly. It is about the meanings of this emoji that we will talk today.

🦋 The Butterfly emoji was assigned the code U+1F98B, with which it was added to the Animals and Nature section of the Unicode 9.0 standard in 2016.

Meaning of the Butterfly Emoji

Butterflies are distributed all over the world. In fact, among the 28,000 species of butterflies, 80% are found in tropical regions. Butterflies symbolize different meanings for different cultures, but universally they are an example of transformation and change. This is because a butterfly begins its life in one form and ends in another.

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection, the ability to transform, to transform, as this winged celestial creature comes into the world, transforming from a worldly caterpillar.

Butterfly Emoji

In Japan, the homeland of the emoji, the butterfly symbolizes a young woman, and butterflies fluttering around one another mean family happiness.

The blue butterfly is often associated with the concepts of freedom and independence. This symbol can express the desire for freedom from stereotypes, social pressure and restrictions. It symbolizes the desire to be oneself and not be subject to the norms and expectations of others.

For some users, the blue butterfly has become a symbol of faith and hope. It can express faith in a favorable future, the desire to believe in the best and not to be discouraged in the face of difficulties.

The blue butterfly can also be a symbol of creativity and the desire for self-development. It can express the desire not to stop at what has been achieved, but to constantly develop and grow as a person.

In addition, the blue butterfly can be a symbol of kindness and tenderness. It reminds of the importance of support and care for loved ones. Blue color is associated with peace and tranquility, so the symbol of a blue butterfly can also represent peacefulness and harmony in relationships.

The Use of the Butterfly Emoji

The butterfly fluttering from flower to flower represents only positive emotions and change. This graceful and beautiful creature emerges from a fat and not the most pleasant looking caterpillar. Emoji can be used in a context about love, when in the stomach as if butterflies flutter or signify joy about the arrival of summer.

Emoji Butterfly

A butterfly is a beautiful insect with variegated coloring. It is associated with amazing metamorphosis: a heavy and clumsy caterpillar turns into a graceful and bright butterfly.

Modern ladies endow butterfly emoji with such meanings as:

  • freedom and hope;
  • rebirth and resurrection;
  • beauty, but not bright, but fragile and graceful;
  • internal and external changes and metamorphoses;
  • power, randomness of life and the importance of actions.


The blue butterfly emoji is a symbol of strength, courage and determination. It expresses strength of mind and the ability to overcome difficulties. In addition, it can symbolize kindness, tenderness and harmony in relationships.

Regardless of what meaning is put into it by each user, the blue butterfly represents energy and strength, which helps to achieve life goals and make dreams come true.

In addition, the blue butterfly is a symbol of change and change. It reminds us that life is always changing and we can always grow and evolve, experiencing transformation like a larva that turns into a beautiful butterfly.

And of course, the Blue Butterfly is associated with aesthetic appreciation and beauty. Its graceful wings, bright coloring attract attention and create an impression of originality and individuality.

Blue butterflies are unique, they make dreams come true and fulfill cherished wishes. Also our ancestors believed that such a butterfly protects from magic and evil spirits.

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