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Broken Heart Emojis
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There are a huge number of emoji in messengers and social networks, each with its own unique symbolism and interpretation. One of the most popular and recognizable emoji is the broken heart.

But like most emoji available, this symbol can have multiple meanings and contexts of use. Today we want to tell you as much as possible about the Broken Hearts emoji, so that you will not have difficulties interpreting its meanings.

💔 The Broken Heart emoji was assigned the code U+1F494, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Broken Heart Emoji

Among the huge variety of emoji, Heart is a very common symbol. It means, as a rule, feelings that are usually associated with this human organ.

It is usually love, affection for something or someone. The heart can be of different colors, in combination with other images or just by itself.

A red heart with a crack in the middle, that is, broken, denotes feelings that have been tested, leading to sadness, sorrow. This is unsuccessful, unrequited love, separation from the beloved, contributing to longing.

Broken Heart Emoji

Black background with such a heart can mean falling in love, love, that is, a person talks about his feelings.

Sometimes the emoticon “broken heart” is used instead of sarcastic words to indicate your attitude to the subject under discussion, to show its insignificance, to lower its importance.

The Broken Heart emoji with its shape and color symbolizes the end of a relationship, grief and disappointment in love. It is often used to express one’s pain and sadness. A broken heart is not just an image, but a symbol that helps many people to express their emotions in virtual space.

The Use of the Broken Heart Emoji

The broken heart emoji of bard, red color, divided into two halves denotes unsuccessful experience in love, unrequited love, circumstances that separated lovers, denotes the desire, but inability to love, to be loved.

Also some variations of this emoticon can be used to express pain and suffering in other contexts, for example, after losing a game or failure in the sphere of personal or professional growth.

Despite its negative connotation, the heartbreak emoji symbolism can serve positive purposes as well. It can be used as an emotional expression and a symbol of support for those who are experiencing difficulties and need sympathy and understanding of their emotions.

Emoji Broken Heart


Despite its dramatic nature and initial associations with sad romantic experiences, the Broken Heart emoji also reminds us that a broken relationship is not the end. The heart may be broken, but it has the ability to heal and grow stronger. This emoji reminds users that even in pain and sadness, you should look for hope for a new beginning and happiness in the future.

The symbolic interpretation of this emoticon can be different. Some users use it to express sadness and disappointment. Others may use it to show that they are going through some difficult time in their life. However, each user can give the emoticon their own meaning depending on their personal experience and emotional state.