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Today we decided to take a closer look at one of the most unusual emoji in the Unicode set – Robot. Despite the fact that the image itself is quite unambiguous and it is difficult to confuse it with something else, many users do not fully understand its meaning, because to meet emoji Robot in the network can be found in completely different contexts. Let’s understand.

🤖 The Robot emoji was assigned the code U+1F916, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 8.0 standard in 2015.

Meaning of the Robot Emoji

So, the Robot Emoji is a picture of a square metal head with round white eyes, orange triangular nose, and orange ears and hairstyle in the form of vertical rectangles. The metallized effect is achieved with gradient shades of green and blue.

Emoji Robot

Usually, this emoji stands for either a literal robot or internet bot or artificial intelligence. But that’s today. A couple of years ago, this emoticon was most often associated with electronics, gadgets, computer programs, or science fiction (both in movies and literature).

Generally, the Robot Emoji is quite appropriate to use in all messages related to technology, science, robotization, artificial intelligence and computer programs. However, today this emoji has another meaning. The fact is that, increasingly, the Robot emoji means a person with no emotions. In the context of “he has no feelings, he is like a soulless machine”.

The Use of the Robot Emoji

The use cases of the emoji Robot are directly related to its meanings described above. That is, most often this emoticon can be found in posts about education in robotics, programming, or computing. You can also often see Robot in posts about artificial intelligence. By the way, if suddenly under your post you see a comment in the form of Emoji Robot from the administrator of the platform, it may mean that someone thinks that your post was written by a bot.

Robot Emojis

On the more “lyrical” side of things, the Rojot emoji has another meaning. It serves as a symbol of depersonalization and lack of emotion. For example, it is often found in messages about someone who is emotionless or not emotional enough. You can use this emoji to say “I don’t feel anything (for this person/about this issue)” or simply “I have nothing to say”.


As you can see, even a seemingly obvious emoji can have several meanings, because emoji is a separate art form that is developing and does not stand still. Emoticons and their meanings are a reflection of modern culture, constantly changing youth slang and the latest trends. So it is with Emoji Robot – so you should not always take everything literally.