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Mind Blown Emoji
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We have all realized and appreciated the usefulness of emoji long ago. These small pictures make our lives much easier, replacing emotions, words, and sometimes even whole sentences in correspondence and social networks. For these purposes in the standard Unicode set there are completely different icons: some directly convey a particular emotion, others depict an object or abstract figure, the meaning of which varies depending on the context.

But there are also so-called “hypertrophied” emoji, where the experienced emotion is brought to the maximum. The emoji we want to talk about today falls into this category. And it is a very intense and picturesque Mind Blown Emoji.

🤯 The Mind Blown Emoji was assigned the code U+1F92F, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 10.0 standard in 2017.

Meaning of the Mind Blown Emoji

Mind Blown Emojis

A funny emoji with a mushroom-like cloud above its head, which usually appears during an explosion, can convey several emotions. With the help of this emoticon you can transmit, for example, shock, amazement, strong tension or fatigue from the overabundance of information received, the feeling of surprise from incredible news, which, figuratively speaking, explode the brain, or are “too mind blowing”.

The main meaning of this emoji is an overloaded brain, and the reasons for this can be quite different. This emoji literally means, “The brain explodes from information or overload.” However, often this emoji is also used to depict a state of shock, or a state of extreme surprise.

You can send this emoticon to the person you are talking to if they have told you something shocking about themselves or someone else. In this way, you can show your utter amazement: “my brain exploded from this news”. Or the news was so stupid that it caused extreme bewilderment, “blew my mind”.

The Use of the Mind Blown Emoji

Emoji Mind Blown

There’s no such thing as emoticons these days. And sometimes it’s hard to figure out what they mean. For example, an emoticon with a puff of smoke above the head means “brain explosion”.

Use this emoticon can be used in different situations:

  • There is a long correspondence, a lot of new information, from this can really happen “brain explosion”.
  • You have learned shocking news, something unexpected, sudden. So strange that it’s hard to realize. Or so stupid it’s hard to comprehend. Or “my brain is so loaded with new information that it’s exploding.”
  • You don’t understand something, you can’t “get it” and your head is exploding.
  • You are tired from long work, tension, you are overworked, you need a break.


To summarize, we note that the Mind Blown Emoji with an explosion on its head is used in two cases. In the first case, as “brain explosion”. That is, a person shows with this emoticon that he is in such shock that his brain is torn. The second meaning of this emoticon is “blown away”. That is, by putting this emoticon a person shows that he is now unable to think, to make adequate decisions.

Whatever the meaning you put into this emoji is, it will brighten up and intensify any message or post in social media.