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We have a lot of emoji at our disposal today! While ten years ago we were content with just a smiling face or a sad emoticon, now we have a choice of dozens of icons that represent completely different emotions, and sometimes even different degrees of the same state. Every year more and more icons are added to the standard Unicode set. So in 2019, the Yawn Emoji was added, which until then was most often replaced by an emoji with three blue letters Zzz.

The 🥱 Yawn Emoji was assigned the code U+1F971, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 12.0 standard in 2019.

Meaning of the Yawn Emoji

Emoji Yawn

The yawning emoji belongs to the category of the most obvious emoticons, as it’s pretty hard to come up with more than two interpretations of its meaning. However, it’s not just one after all, so let’s take a closer look.

The first meaning of the Yawning Emoji is sleepiness, physical fatigue, and a willingness to go to sleep. It can be taken literally – a person physically wants to sleep.

The second meaning of the Yawning Emoji is more allegorical. It can mean that you are very bored, uninterested, tired of listening or lost the thread of the story.

As we mentioned above, in both of its meanings, the Yawn Emoji could very well be replaced by the 😴 sleepy emoji.

The Use of the Yawn Emoji

Yawning emoji is usually used to reflect one side of communication, emphasizing the inability to listen and see, much less respond, as opposed to an active state.

The basis for this emoji is characterized by “sleep” and its components.

Yawn Emoji

It can even hint at the fact that it is time to go to sleep if long sat up for a long conversation, as it is quite late and the night has entered its legal rights, and, therefore, should be the idea to clone the human body in “sleep”, although not always so happens in everyone individually. More often it is done as a hint that what we have heard or read has started to make us “sleepy”.

The person who puts this emoticon means something else, not that he is asleep or wants to sleep, but that your story makes him bored and he falls asleep and even snores. The same emoticons are often put in comments on posts on YouTube, TikTok and other social media in the comments. They show that such a video makes you sleepy, not to watch it.


The Yawn Emoji is one of the often used emoticons today. It can be used to depict two states — the physical fatigue or sleepiness, be the emotional “boredom” or exhaustion. However in its second meaning this is not very polite to use it, especially in correspondence with someone you don’t know close enough, so be careful, as some might get offended receiving this emoji in the middle of the talk, or as a comment to their posts.