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Emoji have long been an integral part of our lives. No correspondence can do without them, not to mention posts on social networks. The standard Unicode set contains a huge number of all sorts of icons, which are divided into several broad categories. One of the most popular categories is Animals and Nature, where you can find all sorts of images of animals, insects, and plants. Today we are going to talk about an emoticon just from this category, namely the Bear Emoji.

🐻 The Bear Emoji was assigned the code U+1F43B, with which it was added to the Animals and Nature section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Bear Emoji

In a symbolic sense, the bear is a very multidimensional and ambiguous character. There is practically no nation without bears in its legends. In heroic myths he is a solar symbol, in the alchemists of the Middle Ages – the first matter, in the American Indians – the personification of supernatural strength, endurance, in the Celts – the military beginning, in the Chinese – courage. In the ancient Greeks bear was part of the retinue of the goddess Diana and was her sacred animal, and in the Japanese bear means courage and strength. In Northern European tradition, it is the bear, not the lion, who is the true king of animals.

Emoji Bear

Bears are everywhere: on the emblems of states, regions and cities, bears are symbols and emblems of Olympiads and parties. And, of course, the world of emoji bears have not been spared either.

This Beast represents justice. He can be affectionate and kind, but at any moment he can become an angry and aggressive predator. However, on the Unicode emoji the bear looks very cute, more like a soft toy, so this emoticon is more likely to evoke a smile.

The Use of the Bear Emoji

Since time immemorial, the bear has inspired fierce terror in people. Encountering it alone almost always meant a fatal outcome. Along with the sense of fear of this huge and fierce beast, people also felt respect for the bear, bordering on worship. However, in recent times, thanks to popular soft toys like Teddy Bear, the bear has become something cute and glorious for many.

So it’s quite difficult to describe what emotion the Teddy Bear emoji can express in correspondence. Here everything depends solely on the topic of conversation. After all, for children, the bear causes a very positive emotion and delight, and for most adults – rather respect and a sense of admiration for the strength of this animal.

Bear Emoji


It would seem that the bear has always been considered one of the most dangerous predators, and caused nothing but fear and awe in our ancestors. However, everything changes, and at some point Teddy bear became a favorite toy of children around the world. It’s the same with the emoji – the bear is depicted here as very cute and friendly, so it’s impossible to be afraid of him. Use it in conjunction with other cute emoticons or alongside smiley emojis to reinforce the positive image of your messages.