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In the “Flags” section of Unicode emoticons we can find national flags of different countries, flags of LGBT communities, even a pirate flag and a racing black and white flag. But there is another emoji that has been very popular on social media lately. Yes, we’re talking about the red triangular flag. It would seem that the first association with this emoticon is the game of golf, because this flag is very similar to those located at the holes. And yes, in the context of golf the Red Flag Emoji you can use too. But the main modern meaning of this emoticon is quite different. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

🚩 The Triangular Flag emoji was assigned the code U+1F6A9, with which it was added to the Flags section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Red Flag Emoji

In the early 2020s, Twitter started a new trend with the red flag emoji. The color red warns of danger, and the flag is a kind of warning bell that it’s best not to do business with that person.

Also, Red Flags are warning signs that indicate potential problems or worries in a relationship. They can be overt or covert behaviors and help identify areas where we need to focus on growth, communication, and emotional support.

Sometimes we notice something in a partner that we don’t like and signals possible problems in the relationship. Such signs are often called red flags – they can be words, habits or behaviors that mask an attempt to control or dishonesty of your partner. Therefore, such signs are worth looking out for.

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Red flags in a relationship are signals that there is no love in your union, and all communication is based on dependence and sick attachment. The manifestation of disrespect and suppression, which is characterized by violation of personal boundaries, attempts to subjugate the partner and play at his expense of his childhood scenarios.

At the stage of falling in love, the surge of hormones does not allow you to notice the faults in the relationship, and when the eyes are opened it may be too late. Crossing the lines of unacceptable smoothly, but rapidly flows into abuse, emotional swings, violence and addiction. It is important to react in a timely manner, and it is important to do it correctly.

The Use of the Red Flag Emoji

Red flags are known as warning signs – this is what they say about certain qualities or habits of a potential or existing partner.

Often, red flags are factors that seem perfectly normal. But they can end up signaling unpleasant and dangerous qualities in a person. Social networks have started using red flags to indicate them.

While red flags are usually talked about in the context of romantic relationships, they can also be applied to friendships. Or even family relationships. Many advise keeping an eye out for warning signals in any communication.

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But, enough talk about relationships and broken hearts. The Red Flag symbol has several other interesting meanings.

  • Often we can see red flags on beaches. This means that the sea has strong currents and big waves. Swimming is forbidden.
  • And also the red triangular flag can be found in the nautical alphabet! According to the current MSC, this letter meaning of the flag is B- B (Bravo), is a red triangular flag with two plaits and has the meaning “I am loading or unloading or carrying dangerous goods”.
  • And in Formula 1, a Red Flag is used to indicate an unplanned stoppage of a race, usually for safety reasons.
  • But in Muslim Culture, the Red Flag has a more serious and dramatic meaning. This flag symbolizes unjustly spilled blood and a call to avenge the slain. It is a very serious sign.


The Red Flag is probably one of the most versatile emoji in the Unicode set. As you can see above, it can be used in many different situations and contexts, but the most popular use of this emoji today is for toxic relationships. And this is quite understandable, because most social media users are at an age when romantic relationships are a major part of their lives and experiences.