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Cold Emoji
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Emojis have reached the peak of popularity thanks to Apple. It was Apple that equipped its smartphones with them so that it became possible to use them not only in social networks but also in text editors. You don’t need to know what cloud hosting is to understand how it has affected internet marketing and ordinary life.

Today, you can find them anywhere, such as in public records or even banners. People make prints with them to create clothes or sew toys for children based on their image. There are even tons of websites dedicated to them.

In today’s world, most people spend a significant part of their time on social networks in order to correspond with their friends. In the process of dialog very often flashes so-called emoji. Emoji can be different – faces with different emotions, pictures, symbols. And not all of them are interpreted in the same way. Today we want to talk about one of those emoji that have more than one meaning. And this is Cold Emoji.

🥶 The Cold Emoji was assigned the code U+1F976, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 11.0 standard in 2018.

Meaning of the Cold Emoji

Cold Emojis

This Emoji colored in a shade of blue which means “frozen”, “cold”, “frozen face”. But let’s take a closer look.

This emoji demonstrates that you’re so cold that you’re blue and covered in frost and your teeth are chattering as if they’re beating out a drum – it’s like you’re frozen to death. All you dream of is getting to a warm place as quickly as possible and drinking a cup of hot tea, wrapped up in a warm blanket, or even taking a hot bath.

It can be used to talk about the literal cold, to hint at a hot cup of coffee to share. To talk about the cold weather, the fact that you’re freezing hard.

The Use of the Cold Emoji

Emoji Cold

In addition to directly representing the state of cold, this emoticon can reflect and be associated with an emotional state – such as “fear to the point of shivering”, and “fear – when you can’t get a tooth on a tooth”, as well as characterize from one of the possible reactions to extreme stressful situations – “freezing with fear”.

Of course, if you wish, this blue extremely frozen emoticon with an expression of horror, can also be associated with the interpretation of the fear of freezing, or a sufficiently large fear of cold. And it is also possible to also use this emoticon as a certain warning about the danger of severe freezing at a fairly high frost, especially relevant if there is no heating.


This Blue emoji most often means that a person is shaking like a cold, when they are freezing. There are many different conditions. Usually shaking as from cold – when blood moves very slowly in the body, you want to get dressed, covered, warm. On this basis, it is also possible to use this emoji when you are just very lonely, or shiveringly scared.

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