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We can’t say that the emoji we want to talk about today is one of the most frequently used ones. After all, the range of topics in which it can be used is quite narrow. However, if you dig a little into the history of this symbol, you can discover a lot of interesting things, and then, perhaps, this symbol will be found in our correspondence much more often. We mean the Trophy Emoji. Well, let’s get to the bottom of it.

🏆 The Trophy Emoji was assigned the code U+1F3C6, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 Activity section in 2010.

Meaning of the Trophy Emoji

Historically, a trophy in the traditional sense is considered the main symbol of victory and success. Since ancient times, in most countries of the world, various achievements – military, sports, scientific – have been celebrated with a special prize – a souvenir of a special shape resembling a large wine bowl.

But there is more symbolism in its shape than one could think. The base of the Trophy is the earth, the support, the cup is the house, the lid is the roof of the house. Metal Trophys emphasize the significance of sports achievements. The cup can be decorated in accordance with the sport with which it is associated.

Trophy Emoji

But why did the trophy become a symbol of victory? This tradition has ancient roots. In medieval times, winners of knights’ tournaments could receive a precious goblet as a reward for their victory, from which they later drank wine during feasts. It is believed that the awarding of sports trophys is connected with this very custom.

But there are more meanings to this symbol. The Trophy symbol is a symbol of the heart in Islamic, ancient Egyptian and Celtic cultures. Therefore, it is the predecessor of the heart, which is depicted on fortune-telling tarot cards. The goblet also symbolizes a proposal of love and a wish for wisdom and eternal life.

The Trophy was used for oaths, promises, contracts, fortune-telling, as a libation or offering in someone’s honor. In the realm of art, a cup placed on a pole can symbolize the receipt of a gift, as in Hinduism. In Buddhism, on the other hand, the goblet is a symbol of relinquishment of rights.

The Use of the Trophy Emoji

The shining golden trophy is always awarded for achieving the best result in any competitions, tournaments and contests. It represents victory, success, recognition of the achievements of an individual or a team.

The tradition of awarding cups to winning athletes is a continuation of the customs associated with the fact that the winners received at their disposal the most valuable vessels, bowls, etc. It is believed that the first cups as a sign of victory in sports competitions were handed out in the XIX century. Today, this tradition is generally accepted, and there are many competitions that bear the appropriate name – competition for a certain cup.

Emoji Trophy

Metal cups emphasize the importance of sports achievements. The cup can be decorated according to the sport it is associated with. Likewise with Trophy Emoji – you can use it in combination with other symbols indicating the sport or the nature of the achievement for which you are “presenting” this award to your interlocutor.


As you can see, the Trophy Emoji does not carry any negative connotations behind it. It is always a symbol of success, victory and encouragement. So feel free to use this emoticon when you want to congratulate someone on any kind of achievements, on winning a competition, or just to show your interlocutor that you believe in him or her and encourage him or her before a crucial day or event.

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