Pregnant Man Emoji

Pregnant Man Emoji
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At the end of 2021, the already well-known emoji emoji included pictures of “pregnant men” with both light skin and dark skin. This is how emoji creators continue to promote tolerance in erasing gender differences and support for transgender and non-binary people. Despite Unicode’s “good intentions,” this emoji has made a lot of noise in the online community.

As new emoji are released, Unicode has made efforts to be gender-sensitive, especially in recent years. In some cases, Unicode has added gender variants of an emoji years after the original emoji was released. A pregnant man and woman fall into this category.

🫃 The “Pregnant Man” emoticon was assigned the code U+1FAC3, with which it was added to the People and Body section of the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021.

Meaning of the Pregnant Man Emoji

Some hate emoji, and others can not imagine correspondence without emoticons. But there are new emoji that leave no one indifferent and attract everyone’s attention. Emoji Pregnant Man is exactly from this category.

Pregnant emoji (both women and men) became part of the September 2021 update of Emojipedia’s emoji encyclopedia. Although the resource faced criticism when the public first saw a pregnant man, the encyclopedia notes that the new emoji can be used to refer to trans men, non-bisexuals, or women with short hair. In addition, this emoji can simply denote a person who has just eaten a heavy meal.

Keith Armour, a spokesperson for Emojipedia, said: “As of 2019, we are working hard to offer everyone emojis with three different gender options: ‘Male’, ‘Female’ and ‘Human’, that is, without specifying a gender”.

It symbolizes the recognition of the possibility of pregnancy among transgender and non-binary people.

Emoji Pregnant Man

The Use of the Pregnant Man Emoji

The authors of the Pregnant Man emoji claim that there are pregnant men in real life and in feature films. Such a man is shown in the movie Junior (1994). There is also a real-life case of a woman who gave birth to three children after sex reassignment surgery – this is Thomas Beatty, or Tracy Beatty, who became one.

Although everyone can also use this emoji to refer to just a man with a big belly, or just as a symbol of overeating.


The Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person emoji each have five variations with different skin tones. They can be used to refer to a trans person, a non-binary person, or a woman with short hair.

According to Unicode, female emoji do not represent all women, and male emoji do not represent all men. And Unicode’s goal is to make as many people as possible feel represented through emoji.

It’s worth noting that the original Japanese emoji sets had only a few human emoji, and they were all much more abstract and open to interpretation than the ones we have today. But, as more emoji were added, emoji creators moved further and further away from abstraction to concreteness.