Pleading Emoji

Pleading Emoji
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Emojis are linguistic tools that complement our language and enhance the emotionality of a text or message on social networks. In other words, they are like additional punctuation, prototypes of gestures. Today we will talk about the Pleading Emoji, which is also often called the Puppy Eyes Emoji.

The begging emoticon is a classic yellow face with large, shiny eyes and raised eyebrows. A similar facial expression can be observed in animals, as can be seen in the expression “Puppy Eyes”.

🥺 The Pleading Face is a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 11.0, which was introduced in 2018, and was added to Emoji 11.0.

Meaning of the Pleading Emoji

Emoji Pleading

Interestingly, the Puppy Eyes Emoji lost two positions in the list of the ten most popular emoji over the year, dropping from fifth to seventh place. It would seem that using such an emoji is a great way to show care and concern for your interlocutor and to express participation and support.

In its direct meaning begging emoji means a request or plea for help. This emoticon is used when people ask for help with something. Or in situations where you have to justify or apologize. And begging for forgiveness can be used both for your negative actions and for unforeseen negative consequences that were not originally planned.

Also, this emoji is often used as an admission of innocence. Another meaning of the Pleading Emoji is to symbolize shyness when a person is hesitant to say what is on their mind.

The Begging Eyes Emoji can symbolize a subservient look that radiates the feeling of adoration that lovers may feel. In this case, it is used together with hearts and other love symbols.

The Use of the Pleading Emoji

Pleading Emojis

The puppy eyes and begging expression of this emoji have been associated with begging for sex or sexual favors for many social media users for some time. The fact is that this emoji is used by subscribers of female streamers – conversational, educational, and, of course, explicit – to beg for attention. These people usually send donations to the girls, order special actions from them, and are very happy when they receive greetings.

Over time, the emoji was used to troll those subscribers, and popular accounts who were suspected of being sycophantic in order to get romantic attention or without such a purpose.

As you can see, even such a seemingly obvious emoji can have some extremely diametric meanings, so be careful with its use.


As with many other emoji, the Pleading Emoji is quite a versatile emoji, as in today’s culture even the most naive and primitive things can take on a deeper or ironic meaning. Of course, in most cases, the Pleading Emoji still means a plea for help or forgiveness, but we should not forget about the other side of the issue – seduction and a request for attention.