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Love is the most beautiful and brightest feeling. And, of course, the most important graphic symbol of love and romantic attachment for many years is the red heart. People, especially young people, adore hearts – emoji, drawings, small declarations of love are used at every step in everyday life and for important, and sometimes fateful, moments. Today we want to dig deeper into why exactly this symbol, so different from the real organ in which “love lives”, has become the main personification of this beautiful feeling, and we will also tell you what the sender of the message, which contains one of the following emoji, could mean:

❤️ The Red Heart emoticon was assigned the code U+2764 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 1.1 standard in 1993.

♥️ The Hearts emoticon was assigned the code U+2665 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Activities section of the Unicode 1.1 standard in 1993.

Meaning of the Red Heart Emoji

Nowadays, the designation of the red heart symbol is understood by all nations. If it is marked in a sentence, there is no need for translation, the meaning of this symbol is love. Where there is sincere love, there is fidelity, reliability, passion. But not always and not everywhere the symbol of the heart had today’s meaning.

The origin of the symbol of the Heart is still not completely clear, despite the fact that it is popular for several centuries, and people all over the world know what the heart symbolizes.

In mass culture, this heart icon came in the XIX century, when Valentine’s Day became insanely popular. And since the middle of the XX century it began to be used to designate the words “love” and “romance”. In our days, the designation of the heart has received several additional meanings, for example, “life” in a computer or video game, “sympathy”, “approval”, “positive evaluation” in social networks, in other words, Like.

Emoji Red Heart

There are several versions of the origin of this symbol, namely:

  • The first version says that the original symbolism of the heart originated from the shape of an ivy leaf, which really resembles a miniature heart.
  • According to another version of the origin of the symbol, the sign of the heart – it is nothing but the image of the beautiful parts of the body of women, which were widely worshipped in antiquity. Beauty, love, desire in the ancient Greeks and Romans were associated with female nature.
  • Also, Swans are believed to symbolize the red heart. Swan love and fidelity is sung in poems and songs. The pair swim towards each other, bending their necks, touch beaks, creating an image of a heart. Well, this assumption is not unfounded. In the animal world, there are few couples who create a family once and for life.
  • There is another scientific opinion: many researchers claim that the emblem of the heart arose because of ignorance. In the Middle Ages of the Church, few people imagined exactly how the human organs looked, but to describe and designate in the writings they somehow needed. Over time, after Catholics banned autopsies, the depiction of the organ simplified and became more primitive, symmetrical, and not as frightening as a realistic drawing.

Whatever the prototype of the red heart symbol, in the modern view it symbolizes love. Use hearts as wedding decor. On Valentine’s Day, cards in the form of a symbol of love, to congratulate loved ones.

As for the color, the usual color in the graphic image of the heart – red. Red traditionally symbolizes passion, energy, sensual love. But this color has other meanings, such as rage, aggression, strength, danger, blood. The interpretation depends on the cultural space and the context of the situation, although a red heart is still usually perceived as a sign of love and deep affection.

The Use of the Red Heart Emoji

Red is the color of fire, activity, passion, love. What can make the heart “burn”? Most often from an overabundance of positive feelings for another person. Red heart Emoji means the same thing – a person shows that his heart is burning with feelings for someone.

Red heart symbolizes indifference, burning, love. If it is not about feelings, then it just means “I really like it a lot”.

Red is the color of love and passion. A red heart Emoji signifies the corresponding feelings of the user, feelings of falling in love. Sometimes a red heart emoji may be sent simply as a sign of liking. Aggression is also associated with the color red, but the heart itself does not indicate aggression.

Red Heart Emoji

A red heart is always a symbol of love, a symbol of expressing that love specifically to a person or a song, a book, the weather, anything.

The Red Heart Emoji alone, even sent without words, will tell everything about the feelings of the sender. Only one heart in a message is better to send as a sign of love, not friendship, admiration, so that the recipient does not understand the message wrongly.

Also the Red Heart Emoji is just a popular emoticon to signify a positive reaction to a post, video and so on. It may have minimal to do with love and passion in real life. Simply, red is the most obvious color for such an emoticon. And it is immediately clear that it denotes something positive.

Now in social networks there is a huge number of hearts – yellow, purple, green, blue, pink, and even black. And if with the last one everything is clear – a negative reaction, the others are just colors to choose from.

The Red heart symbol is quite ordinary. Obviously, in this way a person expresses his feelings, gratitude to the object to whom he sends this heart. Red heart as an emoji is the most romantic icon. It means love, warm or even hot feelings, personal commitment, strong love.


Despite the fact that the history of the appearance of the most popular symbol in the world is still a mystery to us, the shape of the heart is clear to absolutely everyone. It is a symbol of love, fidelity, passion, infatuation – the emblem expresses these feelings without words.

When you send a red heart emoji to someone, you show your passion and deep affection for that person. It can be used as a sign of love, romance, as well as to express strong attraction and desire for another person.

Red hearts can be used not only in a romantic context, but also to express deep friendship and intimacy. They can symbolize strong emotional ties, brotherly or sisterly love, and deep respect and appreciation.

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