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Melting Face Emoji
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Every year, the Unicode emoji set is updated with new pictures and emotions. Some of them instantly become very popular, while others need time to take root in the “culture” of using emoticons. Today we want to tell you about an emoji that immediately after its inclusion in the standard set of emoji in 2021, became incredibly popular in social networks. It’s the Melting Face Emoji. Users love it because it lends itself well to a number of use cases, which we’ll talk about below.

🫠 The Melting Face Emoji was assigned the code U+1FAE0, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021.

Meaning of the Melting Face Emoji

What is the main secret of Melting Face Emoji’s popularity? Actually, we have already answered this question above: this emoticon expresses completely different emotions, in which millions of people around the world recognize themselves. Of course, the most obvious meaning of Melting Face is the states when you are literally melting from the heat. In recent years, summer temperatures have risen significantly on different continents, so this emoji has become more relevant than ever.

Melting Face Emojis

But despite its “weather” relevance, the Melting Face Emoji is even more often used in its figurative meanings. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

So, in addition to the emotion of a person dying of heat, the Melting Face Emoji is also often compared to an inverted smiley emoticon, which, as you know, most often expresses sarcasm or mockery. Equally with hot weather – On occasions when you feel yourself blushing with embarrassment, or drowning in work.

Hence, another meaning of this emoji: embarrassment and shame, when your whole face literally “floats” down. In addition, the Melting Face Emoji can also represent a slowly fading sense of fear.

The Use of the Melting Face Emoji

So, as we have already realized, the Melting Face emoji is used both literally and metaphorically. In the first case, the emoji refers to extreme heat and the fact that you are having a hard time tolerating it. In the second case, it speaks of shame or embarrassment, and sometimes even loss of self.

Emoji Melting Face

Melting Face can also be used to express anxiety or fear, or to replace the phrase “I’m washing my hands of this place”, “I’m getting out of here”. In this context, the emoji means that you are as uncomfortable as possible being in the proposed situation.

In addition to these meanings, the Melting Face Emoji can also be used in messages as a response to a compliment or pleasant expression, that is, when you are “pleasantly embarrassed” or flattered.


So, today we took a closer look at one of the newest emoji in the standard Unicode set, The Melting Face. As you can see, the popularity of this emoticon is very easy to explain, as it conveys a very relevant emotion inherent in many people today.

The Melting Face Emoji belongs to the category of non-obvious emoticons, so we hope that now you have much less questions about its meaning than before reading this material.

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