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Thinking Emoji
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Smileys, emoji, emoticons and kaomojis. It is almost impossible to imagine today’s everyday communication without all this. Emojis help convey emotions and moods, allow you to express your attitude to a statement or action, and even add intonation and volume to the “imaginary” voice of the person writing the message.

Smileys are small icons that are used to express emotions in text messages. They are an indispensable means of adding emotional coloring to any message and help to clarify and amplify its meaning.

Nowadays, symbols and emoticons have become an integral part of our communication on the Internet. One such symbol is the thinking emoticon. It can often be seen in posts, comments, or even in article titles. But what does this symbol mean?

The Thinking Emoji Description and Meaning

Thinking face emoji

Overall, the thinking emoji is a multi-tasking symbol that can have different meanings in different contexts. It can express reflection, interest, doubt, or even style and originality. By using it, we can add emotional depth to our messages and show that we are thinking and listening to you carefully.

This emoji depicts a face with a raised eyebrow and a dropped jaw, giving the impression of deep thought. The thoughtful emoji was added to the Unicode 8.0 character set in 2015 before being included in the first Emoji 1.0 emoji set.

In today’s world, the thinking emoticon is actively used in text messages, emails, social media, and other communication platforms. It is used to express doubts, and challenges, search for solutions, or simply questions.

In the context of internet culture, the thinking emoticon has become a symbol of intelligence and reasoning. It helps to create an atmosphere of reflection and dialog in online communities. In addition, the thinking emoticon is often used in memes and joking contexts to evoke a smile and express irony.

Many people interpret the thinking emoticon differently, depending on context and personal experience. Some see it as a symbol of uncertainty or misunderstanding, while others see it as a symbol of seeking answers and thinking.

In general, the thinking emoticon is an important part of modern culture and an effective means of communication in the digital world.

The use of the Thinking Emoji

Thinking Emojis

The enigmatic symbol of the thinking emoji can create a play on words, and emphasize sarcasm or irony of a message. Its meaning can be interpreted differently depending on the context of communication and the emotional coloring of the text.

So the next time you see a thinking emoticon, think about what meaning it can carry and how it can be understood. And remember that symbols can be a powerful communication tool.

Besides the most obvious meaning of thoughtfulness and reflection, the thinking emoji is often used in pairing with other icons. For example, when paired with a thinking balloon, you can reinforce the idea that you are thinking about something seriously.  If you use a thinking emoticon in a set with a light bulb, it will mean finding a good solution or a suitable answer, a kind of insight.

In addition, the thinking emoticon sometimes appears with the meaning “I can’t believe that someone can do that.


To summarize, we can say that, like many other symbols, the thinking emoticon can be used with different intonation or depending on the context. It can be used as a positive expression to show that a person is thinking about or interested in something. But it can also be used to express doubt, disbelief, or unpleasant thoughts.

In brief, the main meanings of the thinking emoticon are:

  • Reflection and thoughtfulness;
  • Doubt and uncertainty;
  • Interest and attention;
  • Immersion in one’s thoughts;
  • A desire to express bewilderment or misunderstanding;

Consistency of thought or reasoning.

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