Nerd Face Emoji

Nerd Face Emoji
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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any personal correspondence, discussion in the fields of forums, blogs and social networks without emojis. A large number of varieties of emoticons can convey the multifaceted palette of a person’s emotional state.

According to the evidence of experts, emoticons appeared in the electronic format thanks to the efforts of the scientist Scott Fahlman from Carnegie-Mellon University. It was he who created the target letter, which became the starting point for the use of emoticons (in the form of colons, dashes or brackets) to be placed on the information boards within the university. Today, however, emoji are built into any phone, and greatly simplify and shorten text messages.

Many seemingly obvious emoji today can be used in a sense far removed from the original. However, some emoji still retain their original meaning, and the Nerd Face Emoji is one of them.


Nerd Face Emoji description

Yellow face, smiling with thick black-rimmed glasses and crooked teeth on most platforms. Stylized as a stereotypical nerd, with crooked teeth. Some platforms have glasses with a white ribbon on the bridge of his nose. The smile and glasses vary from platform to platform.

The Nerd Face Emoji has been assigned code U+1F913 with which it was added to Faces and Emotions in Unicode 8.0 in 2015. To copy and paste the Nerd Face emoticon in HTML, use code 🤓 for HTML. This smiley face has no gender differences or color alternatives. The Nerd Face emoji is already quite established, so it should have support on most devices.


Nerd Face Emoji meaning

The Nerd Face emoji is a representation of all the nerdy people in the world, known for being smart, looking weird, and having no social skills. This emoji looks just like the stereotypical nerd – it has huge glasses, an awkward smile, and bunny teeth.

This is a smiling face with glasses and protruding teeth. Corresponds to the typical image of a nerd: wearing big glasses, with a simple smile and a slight irony, maybe bad at sports or socializing, looks very knowledgeable. Also simply means a person with protruding teeth or an acquaintance with glasses.

Can be used in many different meanings, but is very rarely used in an insulting context.