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Emoji were created to make our lives easier. We can use them to convey something that is difficult to find the right words for, or simply to reinforce the meaning of a message by emphasizing the most important thing.

In the Angel category, Unicode offers us two options: a classic yellow smiling face with a blue glowing Halo above its head, and a small angel with white wings. Despite their similarity, these emoji are used in different contexts and carry different semantic load, which we will try to understand in this article.

😇 Smiley face with halo is a fully qualified emoji within Unicode 6.0 , which was introduced in 2010, and was added to Emoji 1.0.

👼 Baby Angel is a fully qualified emoji as part of Unicode 6.0 , which was introduced in 2010.

Meaning of the Angel Emoji

Emoji Angel

So, what is the difference between these two angel emoji? It would seem that there aren’t many situations in which they can be used, and the first thing that comes to mind is a context related to religion or pleading. But this is far from the case, although of course the Angel Emoji can easily be sent in a religious message as well.

Angel is a symbol that is usually associated with kindness, purity and innocence. It is a depiction of light and noble feelings such as love, mercy and compassion. The angel emoji is the embodiment of all that is good and pure in our world and can be used as an expression of blessing, a wish or a reference to kindness and spiritual power. It can serve as a symbol of hope and protection, whether it is virtual support for a friend or simply wishing good luck.

The classic halo emoticon can be used to emphasize complete innocence and naivety. You can even do a little bit of mischief, and then send a similar emoticon, stating “not guilty of anything, I do not know anything, it happened by itself. Smiley face is happy, it does not carry a negative connotation. He is kind, and sometimes even sweetly humorous. Means righteousness, innocence, integrity.

As for Baby Angel, an emoji in the form of a baby face with a halo above its head and little wings on its sides, it can also be used in the contexts described above, but it is most often found in messages related to newborn babies and to convey tender parental feelings for their adorable little children.

The Use of the Angel Emoji

Angel Emoji

A smiley face in the form of an Angel can be sent as praise to someone, commending them for a good deed. Or to thank someone for their praise. It won’t be a “I’m so good, praise me” statement at all; instead, the emoji is good-natured, direct, and a little embarrassed.

This emoji can also be taken as a joke. It will smooth out angles and awkward situations in conversations, for example, when excessive praise, reproach or even censure.

The main thing is not to send it if the claim from the interlocutor is serious and it is not worth translating it into a joke, otherwise it will hurt the interlocutor and will be a sign of frivolous attitude to his words.


As you can see, there are emoji for which it is very difficult to come up with negative meanings for a very rich imagination. And an emoji with an angel is one of them. Angel with a halo can decorate any message, and sometimes even smooth out a tense situation. Use them as support, approval and simply as a sign of care and warm emotions towards the interlocutor.