The Appealing Logos Of Vag Supplier Companies

VAG Supplier Companies

Modern automakers order the majority of individual spare parts and entire units from third-party companies. But they themselves, in fact, are engaged only in large-scale assembly.

Thus, the real manufacturers of parts are other plants, not the automaker itself. As a rule, a contract is signed between the two companies, according to which each released part is stamped (or other confirming sign) of the direct manufacturer of the car. And such parts are called “original”.

Below we present the list of manufacturers of spare parts, which go to the production line of VAG concern cars. VAG – German automobile concern, which owns 48 automobile manufacturing enterprises in 15 countries in Europe and six countries in America, Asia and Africa. The divisions of the Volkswagen Group are: Audi, Seat, Škoda, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and NSU Motorenwerke.

VAG remains one of the leading automotive concerns, which continues to develop and introduce new technologies, as well as offer a wide range of models for different market segments. So what companies does such a giant of the automobile industry cooperate with? Let’s take a look!

List of companies – suppliers of VAG assembly line

Chassis: Lemforder, TRW, Boge


Lemforder Logo

Lemforder is a German company founded in 1937, specializing in the production of spare parts for motor vehicles. The brand has been a part of ZF Friedrichshafen AG since 1984. One of the priority areas of the company is the production of parts for trucks.

There is an opinion that only the original German Lemforder bears the manufacturer’s branding – Owl in a triangle, and the “left” (fake) Lemforder bears the letter L in a triangle.

In addition to VAG, ZF LEMFÖRDER is a supplier to the assembly lines of such monsters as General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, the entire Porsche group, Fiat group, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, Opel and others.


TRW logo

TRW is a major manufacturer of parts for passenger cars and trucks. It supplies steering system components, automotive suspension components, as well as TC, ABS, ESP systems to several assembly lines in Europe. TRW also has a division that deals exclusively with aftermarket work.

TRW is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake systems and steering systems. In addition, TRW supplies active and passive safety systems for all major car manufacturers and produces diagnostic test benches. The brand is currently owned by the ZF Group.


Boge Logo

Boge is the world’s largest manufacturer of car suspension parts (shock absorbers, dust covers, bumpers, engine mounts, silent blocks, as well as suspension springs), which belongs to the concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG, which owns the brands: Boge, Sachs, Lemforder, TRW. The company’s products provide both conveyors of leading manufacturers and the market of replacement auto parts.

Products of this brand are suitable for more than 4 thousand brands of cars, mopeds and motorcycles, provides reliability and comfort. Boge production utilizes a successful combination of traditional and innovative technologies, provides high quality products. The success of the brand has made Boge a desirable partner of service stations and trading companies.

Shock absorbers: Boge, Sachs, Blistein


Boge Logo

Boge manufactures a full range of shock absorbers for such concerns as BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, SAAB and others. The assortment includes more than 6000 items, including 4400 models of shock absorbers, and covers 90% of the world car fleet models. Boge shock absorbers and springs are known for their quality and reliability, have durability and excellent performance.

The Boge brand is a reliable and professional partner in the aftermarket, offering a wide range of shock absorbers for various target applications and rubber-metal parts.


Sachs Logo

Sachs is engaged in the production of components that cover about 80 percent of all automobile manufacturers in Europe. First of all, the company is known for its shock absorbers and clutch kits. These parts are installed on the European conveyors of Mersedes, Audi, BMW, Opel, Porsche, Rover, Fiat, Jaguar, Ford, MAN, Peugeot and many others, including the major giants of the Japanese automobile industry.

Sachs has about 16% of the global shock absorber market. It has several series of shock absorbers – SUPER TOURING (hydraulic and gas), ADVANTAGE (gas).


Bilstein logo

Bilstein is one of the most famous German brands that specializes in suspension parts. The parts of this manufacturer are among the most reliable and high-quality among all components that are present in the market of auto parts. Durability and practicality of Bilstein shock absorbing elements sets a high bar for other manufacturers, so shock absorbers and suspension components of the German company have become the standard of what such spare parts should be.

The brand’s products are manufactured at 4 plants, of which the predominant part of spare parts is produced by production facilities in Mandern and Ennepetal.

Optics: Bosch, Valeo


Bosch Logo

The world-famous Bosch company has always held the mark of a leader in the production of high-quality lighting technology. For more than a century, the brand has been producing high-quality optics for automobiles. The famous developer of modern lighting systems pays special attention to the use of the latest technologies when creating its sought-after products. Bosch optics are functional main and taillights, flashers and fog lights for various types of vehicles.

The wide range of lighting products from Bosch includes a wide variety of technical versions of auxiliary headlights and fog lights. Bosch halogen and xenon headlights have a significant share of the European market due to the exceptional quality of the products.


Valeo Logo

Valeo is a world-known manufacturer of high-quality lighting equipment and other components for cars. The headquarters is located in Paris and today the company is one of the leading companies in the world. Lighting from the company Valeo is a huge success, and therefore even standard installed on many makes and models of cars. Thus, the most popular products of Valeo lighting equipment include ignition units for xenon lamps, bi-xenon lenses for head optics and light sensors for greater safety on the road.

The company cooperates not only with sellers of finished parts, but also with manufacturers of the automotive industry, supplying parts that are used in the assembly process. Continuous development of various innovations is provided by more than fifty research centers.

Glass: Sekurit


Sekurit Logo

Sekurit Saint-Gobain is one of the largest auto glass manufacturers in Europe. It owns the brands HanGlass, Sekurit, Armoplate and some others. The main competitor of Pilkington, losing to it only in the number of plants – 55 vs. 80. Supplies its products both to the aftermarket and to the conveyors of automobile companies. According to various estimates, up to 50% of cars coming off the assembly line are equipped with glass from French Sekurit Saint-Gobain.

In Sekurit catalogs car enthusiasts can find all kinds of car mirrors. Most of the products under the name of the French brand for the market of Eastern Europe are manufactured by the plant in Estonia. Regardless of the country of production, the quality of Sekurit windows is very high.

Engine parts, gaskets, oil seals: Goetze, Elring, Mahle, Kolbenschmidt (KS), Glyco


Goetze Logo

Goetze is an old German company, currently owned by Federal Mogul. It specializes in metal processing and production of liners and piston rings for internal combustion engines. It also produces specific products, which are the only ones on the market.

The list of products is small: gaskets, piston rings and liners, oil seals, repair rings, oil caps. These are products of German OE-quality, which can be very difficult to find even in specialized stores. At the same time, motorists note the exceptionally high quality of all spare parts from Goetze.

All products manufactured by the company undergo the most careful control at each stage of the production process, which is confirmed by a certificate of quality according to DIN EN ISO 9002.


Elring Logo

Elring is one of the oldest companies in Germany, which currently has more than 20 plants. In the company’s catalogs you can find about 20 thousand items of engine parts and fasteners. In total, this range covers 98% of European car models and about 60% of Asian models.

The list of Elring products includes bolts, gaskets of all types, gaskets, seals, oil caps, oil seals, collars, covers, repair kits, shielding housings, injectors. Motorists consider the products of this company one of the best on the market.

Innovative potential and competence in the field of original equipment components are the basis for a high reputation and success in the automotive aftermarket. For many years, the “Elring – Das Original” brand has been a guarantee of a high level of quality, safety, service, and reliability.



Today, the German company Mahle is not just a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts, as well as entire modules and systems for cars, but is a whole group, including a syndicate MWP Mahle – J.Wizemann – Pleuco GmbH and Mahle Gmbh and Knecht Filter Group.

The Mahle range includes engine parts, turbocharger components, valve train connectors, camshafts, thermostats, filters of all types, bushings, mechatronic assemblies and their components, bearings, turbines.

Since its foundation in 1920, Mahle has occupied a special place among the renowned manufacturers of high-quality parts for the automotive industry and engine manufacturers. A great deal of emphasis is placed on research and the development of new, future-oriented, high-tech products.

Kolbenschmidt (KS)

Kolbenschmidt(KS) Logo

For more than 100 years, the Kolbenschmidt brand has been producing spare parts for the engine group in Germany. It belongs to the Motorservice Group, which sells products from the Rheinmetall Automotive Group.

This brand is known for producing some of the best engine parts for the aftermarket under its name. The manufacturer also produces parts for assembly lines of a number of car companies. Production is mainly concentrated in Europe and Asia, but there are also several plants in America.

The following parts can be found under the Kolbenschmidt brand name: pistons, cylinder heads, filters, hydraulic tappets, rockers, camshafts, valve seats, piston liners, water pumps, bushings, half rings, piston rings, oil pumps, valves, liners.


Glyco Logo

Glyco is a German company specializing in automotive engine elements. It is one of the official suppliers of almost all European car manufacturers. At the moment it is part of the Federal-Mogul group. On the world market, the company is known as one of the best manufacturers of liners and bushings, as well as the creator of many innovative technologies.

The brand was founded by Max Wagner in 1897 in the city of Wiesbaden and was originally engaged in the production of industrial non-ferrous metals and the application of various kinds of coatings.

Today in the wide range of Glyco you can find camshaft bushings, connecting rods and intermediate shafts, as well as half rings and liners for almost all existing vehicles. The spare parts range continues to be supplemented by bearings and camshafts.

Brake system: ATE, Textar, Lucas, Pagid, Jurid


ATE Logo

ATE is a German brand manufacturer of high-quality brake system parts, owned by Continental Automotive GmbH, which also owns the most famous brands: ConiTech, VDO, Galfer and Barum. ATE spare parts have long been supplied to the conveyors of the world’s leading car assemblers, including most luxury German brands as originals.

In ATE catalogs customers can find the following: hoses, brake fluids, brake system elements (including amplifiers), as well as handbrake and car clutch cables. Today ATE products are included in the original equipment of cars of many manufacturers (Ford, BMW, Toyota, Skoda, VW, etc.).

ATE – is one of the most reliable supplier to conveyors. Everything that this company makes is of excellent quality, prices are corresponding.


Textar Logo

The Textar brand is one of the strongest in the field of friction materials for the automotive industry and railway transportation. In 1980, TEXTAR developed the first asbestos-free brake pads. It is part of the international group TMD Friction GmbH. The Textar company was founded in 1913 in Leverkusen. The company’s products come out of factory workshops in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, as well as Australia and the USA. The company has a strong research and testing base that allows it to maintain a high level of product performance and sell licenses to other manufacturers.

Currently, the company is a part of Nisshindo Holdings; in addition to Textar, the concern manufactures products under Mintex, Don and other brands. Supplies to automobile assembly line production account for up to 60% of the total output, to the automotive aftermarket – 40%.


Lucas Logo

Lucas belongs to the TRW company and supplies brake systems and their components to the largest car manufacturers in the world. Brake working parts and actuators are characterized by special reliability, in this area the manufacturer is a leader in the American and European markets. The company’s products are characterized by high quality and reliability.

Today, Lucas brakes are supplied for the assembly of vehicles of many well-known manufacturers. The range for the secondary market is represented by brake pads, calipers, disks, hoses. It also offers electrical equipment, electronic systems and devices, etc.


Pagid Logo

Hella Pagid Brake Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of brake systems in the independent automotive aftermarket. Almost 100% of existing European vehicles are covered by the Hella Pagid Brake Systems range.

The range of Pagid brakes is represented by brake pads, discs, pads, parking brake pads, brake pad wear monitoring sensors, brake hoses and other products. Spare parts are designed for vehicles manufactured in Europe, USA and Japan.

Since Pagid’s merger with the Hella Group, the range of products has expanded considerably. Rear axle brakes are now provided with brake pads and drums to ensure optimum braking even under difficult conditions.


Jurid Logo

The Jurid company dates back to 1929, although the beginning of the specialized production was laid in 1914. The company’s activity is the development and production of brake system parts and assemblies. Jurid products are brake disks, brake pads, as well as friction linings for manufacturers of brake systems of motor vehicles and the aftermarket. Currently, the company’s production capacity is concentrated in several facilities located in Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Germany and the USA.

Jurid deals exclusively with brake pads, while calipers, cylinders and discs are developed by the customer. The effectiveness of Jurid brake pads has been repeatedly verified in various tests.

Belts: Gates, Contitech, Dayco


Gates Logo

It is the Gates company, or rather its owner, that is the originator of modern V-belts. It happened at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, the company has firmly taken a leading position in this segment of the market and has not let go of the palm of superiority for many years. The company was founded in 1911, and initially there was no specialized direction in the work of the enterprises of the concern – the company was engaged simply in the manufacture of products made of rubber. As soon as the V-belt was invented (1917), the company completely changed its strategy and began to focus on this product.

Today Gstes Corporation sells its own products and manufactures products all over the world, including Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asian countries. The head office of the company is located in the United States, in the state of Colorado, Denver, the European branch – in Belgium.


Contitech Logo

Contitech is one of the world’s specialists in rubber, rubber, synthetic products for the automotive industry. Official supplier of the world’s largest car companies: Volvo, Fiat, Volkswagen, BMW. It also supplies Nissan, Ford and Opel plants. Since 2015, the company’s position in the Americas has been strengthened with the acquisition of Veyance Technologies Inc.

In Contitech catalogs, car owners can find the following products: hoses, elements of automotive damping systems and air suspension, drive belts, elastic piping. Some products can be called know-how of the automotive world. Drive belts are most in demand, as are timing belts (included in a significant number of third-party kits).


Dayco Logo

Dayco was founded in the United States on May 17, 1905. At first they produced rubber seals and garden hoses. In 1908, the company received a patent for the production of automobile covers. Today the range includes over 200 positions of timing belt sets and tensioner rollers.

In Dayco catalogs car enthusiasts can find drive belts, tensioners, dampers, pulleys, pulleys and ready-made timing belt kits, as well as hoses and water pumps. Most of the aftermarket products are almost complete copies of original components (Dayco itself is the 2nd largest manufacturer of original belts and dampers). At the same time, the company owns 19 plants in different countries of the world, including Italy, Argentina, Poland, China.

Filters: Knecht / Mahle, Mann

Knecht / Mahle

Knecht-Mahle Logo

The Knecht brand is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of automotive filters, which are popular for their consistent quality. The company is owned by a large German concern Mahle – a global supplier of auto parts. The brand is engaged in manufacturing products for such car brands as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW. The brand is actively involved in the development and supply of spare parts for Formula 1 sports competitions and other similar events, such as Le Mans Serie.

Stable high quality of Knecht filters is noted not only by experts of European certification centers, but also by ordinary customers. The performance and reliability of these products remain at the highest level thanks to constant testing in production. Knecht specialists implement innovative solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of their products.


Mann Logo

Mann Filter is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe offering products for vehicles. Service centers of the supplier are located in 40 countries of the world. The assortment is very wide and includes about 4 thousand positions of filters for motor vehicles. These are standard air, fuel and cabin filters designed for popular car brands, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. At the same time, we offer filters-adsorbers, water filters, filters for transmission oil, allowing to ensure more stable operation of the main components of the car.

The company is a supplier to BMW, VW, Audi, Ford, Komatsu and other well-known automobile manufacturers.

Steering and automatic transmission parts: ZF


ZF Logo

The German brand ZF Parts is part of the ZF Lenkungsysteme Group. The 120 plants of the concern are located in 40 countries around the world. Today the products are manufactured both for automotive assembly plants and for the aftermarket. The ZF Parts catalog offers steering parts for popular car brands. The range includes power steering pumps, steering racks and other components. ZF Parts power steering pumps have a compact design and are characterized by an optimal ratio of weight to maximum delivery volume.

During the manufacturing of ZF Parts products for gearboxes and steering systems, strict requirements are applied. From each supplier (specific part assembly or material), IATF 16949 certification is required. Furthermore, to ensure quality, the company itself has its own set of requirements, referred to as QD83.

Bearings: FAG, SKF, INA


FAG Logo

FAG is a German company that is part of the Schaeffler Group Corporation. The founder is engineer Friedrich Fischer, who in 1883 developed and patented equipment for grinding balls. This enabled him to launch the production of a large number of perfectly round balls made of hardened steel.

The company supplies companies in the heavy industry, machine building and aerospace. The company’s product range includes bearings in various designs (e.g. X-life), including those with increased performance. These products can withstand high dynamic loads and have a service life 70% higher than standard bearings. High precision of execution allows to reduce friction force, reduce operating temperatures, which leads to more economical operation of units and assemblies in which FAG products are installed.


SKF logo

SKF is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products, solutions and services for rolling bearings, seals, lubrication systems. For the automotive industry, the SKF Group has established a separate division with its own sales in 70 countries, representative offices in 140 countries and more than 15,000 distributors.

SKF bearings are produced for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, motorcycles and electric motors. In addition to standard bearings, products include wheel hubs, tapered roller bearings, small deep groove bearings, seals, specialty automotive products and complete repair kits for the service market.


INA Logo

The INA brand is owned by Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG. The company was founded in 1946 by two brothers Wilhelm and Georg Schaeffler. Now the company owns 40 plants around the world and is a manufacturer and supplier of component spare parts for automobiles.

INA produces a large number of different components for automobiles, such as hydraulic pushers, bearings, drive belts, alternator pulleys, rollers, camshaft gears, clutch disks, rockers, tensioner shock absorbers. INA spare parts are made of high quality material, so they are of excellent quality and have a long service life. INA company is one of the leading suppliers to the conveyors of European automobile manufacturers.

Spark plugs and coils: NGK, Bosch, Bremi, Beru


NGK Logo

NGK was founded in 1936 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of spark plugs and oxygen sensors with factories and sales subsidiaries in all parts of the world. The company’s 11 factories also produce glow plugs and high-voltage wires.

NGK is the world’s leading supplier to the primary set (Spark Plugs and Oxygen Sensors): 45 customers in primary fitment, among them Audi, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, BMW, Daimler, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lancia, Mazda, Maybach, Mitsubishi, Opel, Range Rover, Renault, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

NGK spark plugs are even installed in Formula 1 cars. NGK brand appeared in European countries 30 years ago. Its product groups still include spark plugs, high-voltage wiring, ignition coils, glow plugs, as well as lambda probes, boost pressure sensors, temperature sensors.


Bosch Logo

Bosch is a famous world brand owned by the German company Robert Bosch GmbH, founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart. Bosch’s main business areas are: hardware and software, consumer products, industrial technologies, energy and construction technologies.

Bosch spare parts are world-renowned and in high demand. For more than 100 years, Bosch has been selling quality spare parts all over the world. The assortment includes auto parts for almost all systems of various car brands.

In 2013, Bosch was named “Best Brand in all categories” in a survey by Auto Bild magazine. according to the readers of Auto, Motor und Sport magazine, Bosch products were recognized as the best in such categories as “Batteries”, “Lighting”, “Filters”, “Wipers”, “Workshop networks”, “Tools” and “Spark plugs”.


Bremi Logo

Bremi is a specialist in the manufacture of vehicle ignition system components, and in all its products it demonstrates achievements of only the highest quality. The name Bremi is synonymous with reliability and long service life – something Bremi has been proud of since the 1920s.

Founded in Germany in 1927, Bremi is not only an OE manufacturer, but also a supplier of ignition parts to the automotive aftermarket. Today, Bremi supplies OE ignition systems including ignition coils and wires, and BREMI also manufactures a wide range of auto parts and ignition systems including OE parts for cars from the 70’s and 80’s.

In Bremi catalogs you can find ignition coils, plugs, wiring, as well as flow meters, rotors, wire bushings. These are products of more than high quality, meeting the requirements of VDA 6 and ISO 9001:2000.


Beru Logo

Beru, the German company, has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of ignition systems supplied both to the car manufacturers’ assembly line and to the aftermarket. Leading automobile manufacturers cooperate with Beru.

Beru is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive electrical equipment. Beru’s production program includes more than 2,000 different products divided into the following groups: spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition capacitors, switches, ignition distributor caps, ignition coils, ignition contacts, plugs for spark plugs and distributors, distributor sliding contacts, ignition wires, radio interference suppressors, car lamps and antennas.

Electronics: Bosch, Hella, Siemens


Bosch Logo

Approximately 68% of total sales are generated by the most important sector of the BOSCH Group – automotive equipment. Electronics play a huge role in today’s automotive industry. Many vehicles are equipped with a multitude of “smart” systems that make them easier to operate and ensure the highest level of driving safety. However, few people know that Robert Bosch GmbH is the inventor of ABS active safety systems, traction control and stability control.

BOSCH company is one of the world leaders in the production of spare parts for automobiles and special equipment. Manufactured to the highest standards and using the latest technology, BOSCH products have proven themselves to be the best all over the world.


Hella Logo

The Hella company has been around for more than a century and today is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of lighting and electronics for the automotive industry.

Hella is a global, independent family-owned company with more than 30,700 employees working in more than 100 locations in more than 35 countries. In the automotive business segment, Hella develops and manufactures lighting and electronics components and systems.

Behr Hella Service GmbH was founded in 1899 and supplies lighting components, complete automotive assemblies, electronics, automotive wiring, etc. Hella acquired the name known today when acetylene lamps were produced. Today Hella is one of the most prominent manufacturers in Central Europe, as the products are used by many automobile factories and enter the aftermarket.


Siemens logo

The German concern Siemens AG is one of the oldest companies in the world. Its history began in 1847, when German military engineer Werner Siemens was forced to think about starting his own business due to family circumstances.

Since 2007, Siemens-VDO spare parts have been produced under the VDO brand, supplying spare parts to the assembly line of such brands as VAG Group, BMW, Opel, General Motors, Honda, PSA Group, Fiat and others.

Siemens catalog contains: all kinds of sensors, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, injectors, injectors, throttle valves, flow meters, recirculation valves, washer pumps, car panel instruments, cruise control and remote control devices, security systems, central locking and others.

Fuel system parts: VDO, Bosch


VDO Logo

Today, VDO is a strong player in the European automotive market. The company offers a lot of modern innovative solutions that allow to carry out quality car repair or maintenance.

The company’s activity has several main directions: Powertrain – in this direction the company develops as a manufacturer of fuel supply systems, direct injection systems and others. Chassis & Safety – this direction represents electric motors, safety systems and others. (Over 36.5 thousand people work on the creation of these products). Interior – this is, first of all, modern information systems, car stereos, etc. (over 36,500 people work on this product).


Bosch Logo

Bosch occupies about 26% of the aftermarket in Europe. Among Bosch products you can find everything you need to repair almost any car: chassis parts, braking system, steering, electronics, fuel system elements, consumables, optics, multimedia equipment, cooling system parts and internal combustion engine parts. Especially good are starters, sensors, batteries, generators, gasoline pumps and lamps of the German manufacturer – they take the first places in tests of independent communities of car enthusiasts in Europe, America and Asia.

Wiper blades: Valeo, SWF


Valeo Logo

Valeo is a French manufacturer of spare parts and automotive components. Today it has 7 subsidiaries and its own factories in 26 countries.

The company’s products are based on automotive components, parts and accessories. The company actively cooperates with car manufacturers, dealers and distributors. When developing spare parts and elements, Valeo engineers rely on the integration of advanced scientific developments into mass production of products with maximum operational life.

The main advantage of the brand’s products is the realization of ideas about advanced technical developments integrated into mass production of parts for passenger cars and trucks.


SWF Logo

The French manufacturing company SWF is known in the market of auto parts as a supplier of quality windshield wipers for passenger cars and trucks, at the same time it offers rubber bands for windshield wipers. In 1998, the company joined the Valeo concern. The range of products is oriented practically to any known today brands of motor vehicles of European, Korean, Japanese and American production.

The brand’s wipers are known for their high degree of elasticity and durability, are resistant to high and low temperatures, and have low abrasion. The company’s specialists have developed Duotec technology, which combines natural and synthetic materials to significantly improve performance.

Wheel drives (ball and socket joints and their dust covers): Loebro/GKN


Loebro-GKN Logo Logo

The Loebro brand belongs to the German company GKN Automotive AG – the largest manufacturer of drive systems for the automotive industry, agricultural and general engineering. GKN Automotive AG has more than 40 plants in 30 countries, representative offices in 120 countries and supplies the market with Loebro brand CV joints.

More than 40 factories belonging to the concern are located in dozens of countries around the world. Loebro brand CV joints are sold in 120 countries. The products are designed for vehicles of most famous car brands: BMW, Renault, Ford, Nissan, Audi and many others. The brand’s ball joints provide high torque output, create uniformity in the transmission of rotational motion.

EV batteries: Volkswagen PowerCo Logo

Volkswagen PowerCo Logo

Volkswagen PowerCo Logo

Volkswagen PowerCo, a subsidiary of the global automotive giant Volkswagen Group, stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle battery market. Dedicated to advancing electric mobility, Volkswagen PowerCo specializes in the development and production of high-quality battery cells and systems for electric vehicles. Their operations emphasize sustainability and innovation, with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of electric mobility and enhancing the efficiency and longevity of battery technology.

The company’s battery solutions are tailored for a wide range of electric vehicles, from compact cars to luxury SUVs and commercial vehicles, covering a broad spectrum of the automotive market. Volkswagen PowerCo is committed to pushing the boundaries of battery performance, with investments in cutting-edge research and development. This includes the pursuit of solid-state battery technology, which promises to revolutionize the industry with higher energy density, faster charging times, and improved safety features.

With production facilities planned and under construction in strategic locations around the world, Volkswagen PowerCo aims to secure a leading position in the global supply chain for electric vehicle batteries. Their approach not only supports the Volkswagen Group’s ambitious goals for electrification but also contributes to the broader transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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