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Ford cars are well known throughout the world as fairly simple and reliable. As for the logo, it has, thanks to its immutability since 1927, become one of the most recognizable in the world.

Meaning and history

Ford Logo history

The visual identity history of the legendary American automaker is pretty modest and does not have any splashes or experimental designs in it. One of the most famous car manufacturers in the world, named after its founder, Henry Ford, has always been consistent in everything, including logo design.

1903 — 1907

Ford Logo 1903
The very first logo of the Ford Motor Company was composed of an ornately rounded badge in a frame with leaves and curves. The badge was colored black and has a white inscription on it, accompanied by a white framing. The letters were arched and placed in a wave, with the “Detroit, Michigan” tagline in a bold sans-serif typeface. It was the tradition for its time emblem, very elegant and simple.

1907 — 1909

Ford Logo 1907
In 1907 Ford decides to change its style to a modern and strong one. The badge now features a completely new style and shape — the rhombus with rounded smooth angles has a bold black “Ford” inscription in the middle and additional lettering above and under it.
The eye-like shape of the new badge made the whole logo remarkable and memorable, and its metallic-gray and black color palette added a sense of professionalism and progressive approach.
It was a very decent and contemporary logo but stayed with the company for only two years.

1909 — 1911

Ford Logo 1909
In 1909 the automaker starts during the signature of Henry Ford for its visual identity. It is still the core of the whole company’s concept today, just slightly modified and with the new color palette.
The script lettering features an elongated tail of the letter “D”, which will be removed in the further versions.
The version of the 1910s was executed in monochrome and had no framing, only the quotes.

1911 — 1912

Ford Logo 1911
The company redesigns its logo in 1911. Now the signature of the founder is enclosed in a double horizontal oval, where “The Famous Motor Cars” inscription is placed around the perimeter.

1912 — 1917

Ford Logo 1912
The version of 1912 is the most interesting one. It still features the same style of the nameplate, but now it is located on a blue badge, stylized like a bird. All the details are executed in white and there is a delicate yet strict tagline, “The Universal Car”. This design stayed with the company for five years and is the only one with such an unusual shape.

1917 — 1927

Ford Logo 1917
In 1917, Ford decides to come back to minimalism, refining the logo from 1911. Now the signature of Henry Ford is placed inside a white oval with a thin frame. It was a simple yet very elegant logo, which lasted for ten years.

1927 — 1957

Ford Logo 1927
The color palette was changed to blue and white in 1927. The frame was slightly changed, now it is double — with thick white and thin blue lines. This logo became a prototype for the one we all know today.

1957 — 1961

Ford Logo 1957
Ford redesigns its badge again in 1957. The oval is now extended and the letters are bolder, with elongated lines. The blue color of the background gained a new intense shade and the frame is now composed of two thin white and two blue lines. It was the design, that didn’t stay for long, though it had its influence in the future versions.

1961 — Today

Ford Logo 1961
The logo, which was designed in 1961 and used by the automaker as the main one for 15 years, is still in use today as the secondary emblem. The white script nameplate is located in the middle of the blue oval with a thick white frame. It is simple, elegant, and instantly recognizable.

1976 — 2003

Ford Logo 1976
In 1976 Ford decides to use a three-dimensional version, switching white color to silver and adding some gloss to the surface of the badge. The blue here is darker and has gradient shades.

2003 — Today

Ford logo
The version of 2003 looks like the one from 1961, but with more volume and light. The lettering got a delicate shadow and the background — gradient blue, so now it looks alive and dynamic. The contours of the inscription are refined and look sophisticated and timeless.


Symbol Ford
It is interesting that the symbol of Ford essentially became the name of the brand itself, favorably “stacked” in a horizontal oval. And if in the first and second logos – vignette and pseudo-hippies – there was a strong influence of fashion, then when a classical and (as it later turns out, unchanged) oval with a font inside


Emblem Ford
The shape of the Ford emblem has changed slightly throughout history. In particular, this applies to 1912-1927, when several logos were simultaneously encountered – first, openwork, then – caligraphic, the third – “Egyptian”, and a new, oval one. In the mid-1950s, even this form was attempted to improve. And the logo turned from oval into diamond-shaped in a short time.


Font Ford Logo
Since the main element of the logo is precisely the font writing of the brand, then the font becomes very important. The art-nouveau style is distinguished by strictness with respect to fonts and riotous graphics. However, capital letters could be extended, and designers are actively using it. But if the font was strict enough in 1903, already in 1909 calligraphy came to replace the hard, albeit exclusive, art nouveau aesthetics. Exquisite writing (it will be partially preserved and later, slightly modifying) has given the brand both originality and strict adherence to the rules.


Color Ford Logo
The logo gained color in 1912. The logo was presented in two colors – orange and blue, and blue was recognized as a more successful color. Silvery letters look great on a blue background, and also symbolize the aristocracy, restraint and impeccable reputation of the brand.