Most Famous Logos in Blue

Most Famous Logos in Blue

The blue color is a symbol of confidence and reliability, which is why it is so often used for the logos of large companies related to finance and technology. Different shades, however, can add other meanings to this color. For example, light hues look fresh and modern, while dark blue is usually associated with professionalism and a traditional approach to business.

Also, much depends on the complementary colors of the logo palette. After all, for example, with white, blue reinforces its values, while red or orange — inferior to them in strength, receding into the background.

In our today’s review, we will look at the most famous logos, executed in the blue color scheme, and we will see that color plays not the least role in visual identity design. All companies and brands are arranged in alphabetical order.

American Express

Logo American Express

American Express is a financial institution, which is known all over the world. The company is involved n banking services, known for its payment system and credit and debit cards. The logo of American Express is executed in a light gradient blue palette, with the contoured uppercase lettering set on a square bright background. The bodies of the letters feature the same blue gradients, as the square banner, but due to the wide white outline look a bit more even. The bottom line of the inscription is slightly shifted to the right.


Logo AT&T

One of the largest telecommunication companies, AT & T, also choose blue for its logo. The company from the top 10 of the Fortune 500 list has its logo composed of a stylized sphere in blue and white, with swirling lines, which add a sense of motion and energy. Sometimes the graphical emblem is accompanied by a simple and strict logotype, set in the uppercase of a modern geometric sans-serif typeface, in black or dark gray. The shade of blue, used for the AT & T badge is light and fresh, evoking a sense of progressiveness.


Logo Boeing

The world’s most famous manufacturer of aircraft, Boeing, has its visual identity fully drawn in a deep and bright shade of blue. The badge is composed of a stylized abstract emblem, placed above the massive italicized logotype, with the uppercase letters set in a geometric sans-serif typeface. The heavy yer cool inscription balanced the thin elegant lines of the emblem, white depicts a circular outline, vertically crossed by a long orbit with sharpened tails, and a bold smooth tick, standing for the airplane on the right.


Logo Cisco

Cisco is a world-renowned technology company, which is engaged in the production of hardware and software, and equipment for the telecommunication segment, and provides various services related to their products. The company has its logo executed in a friendly sky-blue shade, close to turquoise. The color looks vivid and bright, and these feelings are elevated by the simple yet cool composition of the badge. The bold uppercase logotype is written in slightly narrowed letters, with lots of space between the characters, and accompanied by a graphical element, set above it and composed of nine vertical lines of different lengths.


Logo Dell

Another technology company is our today’s list is Dell. The famous manufacturer of computers and accessories has its logo executed in a calm medium-blue color, which evokes a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. The logo of the corporation features an iconic wordmark with the diagonally set letter “E” inscribed into a circular frame of the same color. The lettering is set in a strong geometric typeface with straight lines and corners, which balance the smooth clean shape of the framing.

Disney +

Logo Disney

The blue in the Disney + logo is introduced in a very wide color palette, with a thing arched line, colored in gradient shades from the very light, almost white, to the dark, close to purple, which is used for the logotype and the plus-sign. The badge features the iconic Disney inscription in the corporate cursive font, which repeats the signature of the company’s founder, Walt Disney, executed in a sleek shade of blue, with some purple hues, followed by a Plus sign, which has its vertical bar slightly arched from the center, making up a starting point for the thin gradient arched line, roofing the logo.


Logo Facebook

The visual identity of one of the world’s most famous social media platforms, Facebook, has always been using blue as the only color on its badge. The shades could change throughout the years but are not very sufficient. The logo of the platform features a lowercase sans-serif inscription in a traditional sans-serif typeface with bold lines and clean contours of the letters. The shade of blue, used for the current version of the Facebook badge is bright and light, looking energetic and friendly, and at the same time evoking feelings and reliability, loyalty, and trustworthiness.


Logo Ford

Another super popular logo in our review is the badge of the Ford Motor Company, one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of automobiles. The visual identity of the company features a horizontally oriented oval medallion with a solid blue background, a double blue and white outline, and the iconic white “Ford” lettering in a smooth cursive font, which repeats Henry Ford’s signature. The shade of blue on the Ford badge is dark and deep, working perfectly in contrast with white, and evoking a sense of excellence and elegance.


Logo GE

GE, also known as General Electric, is a huge American company, which is involved in various sectors of the economy, including manufacturing aircraft engines, energy, finance, and healthcare services. One of the largest conglomerates in the United States has also chosen blue as the main color for its logo. The GE badge is very old-style yet still elegant. It is composed of a circular medallion with a solid blue background, a white outline with four smooth slightly curved lines coming out of it to the center, and a cursive white monogram in the center of the logo. The blue, used for this badge is clean and light, with very calm shades, evoking a sense of confidence and stability.


Logo Gillette

The brand of personal hygiene products specialized in shaving accessories and cosmetics has its massive and brutal logotype executed in a dark shade of blue and placed on a transparent background. The blue here slightly softens the bold heavy lines of the title case letters, making them look lighter, and adding some elegance to the composition. It works well with the italicized sans-serif font, where the characters feature straight cuts and thick bars. The color palette of the Gillette logo represents professionalism and reliability, emphasizing the quality of the company’s products.


Logo HP

One of the oldest and the most famous American companies, engaged in the production of computers and accessories, HP, previously known as Hewlett-Packard, has its logo instantly recognizable all over the globe. The light and simple badge of the company is composed of a solid blue circle with a lowercase “HP” lettering written against it. The letters are usually executed in white, with their contours slanted to the right and the two vertical bars elongated, merging with the border of the circle and creating a cut-out impression. The HP blue is a medium-shade and a very calm one, standing for professionalism and stability.


Logo IBM

Another company in the computer segment, which uses blue as the main shade of its visual identity, is IBM. One of the pioneers in its area, the company has its logo instantly recognizable on all continents. The badge of IBM is composed of a bold uppercase inscription, with the medium-blue bodies of the letters horizontally cut by seven white stripes, which create a super balanced pattern, with all the lines, white and blue, featuring the same thickness. The IBM blue is clean and calming, showing the company as a professional and concentrated on quality, and evoking a sense of reliability and excellence.


Logo Intel

Intel is another computer-related brand from our today’s blue-logos-list. The company also uses light and soft shade of blue, which represents its professional qualities, along with responsibility and stability. Although the blue on the Intel badge is a bit lighter than the one, used by its competitors, hence it makes the badge look more progressive and cool. The logo is composed of a bold narrowed lowercase inscription in a sans-serif typeface, set on a white background and enclosed into a diagonally oriented oval frame, made up of a line with an open contour. The line is thin on the top part of the badge, getting thicker to its end, on the right, under the letter “L” of the logotype.


Logo Nestle

The first brand, connected with food in our review is Nestle. One of the world’s most famous companies in this segment uses a deep yet bright shade of blue for both its emblem and the logotype. The emblem of the company, depicting a family of birds in a nest, is contoured in thin blue lines, while the iconic title case logotype with the elongated upper tail of the “N”’s a vertical bar, is written with thick and smooth lines in the same color. The badge looks very well-balanced, and evokes a sense of professionalism, while the graphical emblem in the logo emphasized Nestle’s value of traditions and its heritage.


Logo Nokia

The Scandinavian manufacturer of mobile phones, Nokia, has had its glory days from the end of the 1990s — the beginning of the 2000s, and this is when its logo was recognized by people from all over the world. The badge of the company is composed of uppercase lettering in a modern and sleek sans-serif typeface, with all characters set in a plain blue color, which is deep and bright. The Nokia blue looks strong and confident, pointing to the experience of the brand, and the high quality of its products. The lack of graphical elements in the Nokia badge is compensated by the vivid color of the letters and a cool contemporary typeface.


Logo Oral-B

Oral-B is a famous manufacturer of toothbrushes and oral care products. The company also uses a blue and white color palette for its visual identity, pointing to its sterility, professionalism, and reliability. Many companies in the personal hygiene and healthcare segments use this light and soft shade of blue for their logos, as it evokes a sense of protection and trustworthiness, and also looks fresh. The Oral-B badge features a horizontally oriented banner with rounded sides, colored in solid blue, outlines in white, and crossed by a bold, slightly italicized lettering in sans-serif. The inscription is set in bold white lines, which only elevate the main meaning of the logo.


Logo P&G

P&G, also known as Procter & Gamble, is a huge global corporation, which owns dozens of brands in the consumer goods segment. As a significant part of the P&G brands are engaged in the production of personal hygiene items, it is pretty logical, that the company has its visual identity executed in a medium-dark blue color. Being an umbrella brand, P&G had to create a strong but laconic logo, which would represent its expertise and professionalism, leaving all the bright shades to the subsidiaries and labels. And they did. The logo of P&G features bold italicized lettering with its serif characters slightly slanted and complemented by an ampersand in a smaller size, and with thinner lines. All three characters in the badge are set in a calm and solid blue.


Logo PayPal

The visual identity of the online payment system PayPal features two shades of blue, which are used both for the graphical part of the badge and for the lettering. The emblem of the platform is composed of two overlapping bold letters “P”, drawn without any negative space in their top parts. The top letter is set in dark blue, while the one behind it features a bright and light hue. As for the logotype, it has both parts of the service’s name set with no extra space in between, but the bold sans-serif “Pay” is drawn in dark blue, while the “Pal” is in the same font, using a light blue shade.


Logo Pfizer

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, has its logo designed in a light and smooth shade of blue. The elegant yet bold lettering with the name of the company is written over a horizontally-oriented oval in solid blue, with the vertical bar of the lowercase “F” curved in its top part, and elongated at the bottom, cutting up the badge, and adding more air to the whole composition. The shade of blue here represents both professionalism and responsibility of the company, and the high quality of its medicines and vaccines. The Pfizer logo looks elegant and friendly, but at the same time stable and confident.


Logo Samsung

The South Korean manufacturer of electronic goods has its logo known by people from dozens of countries across the globe. The portfolio of the products, offered by this brand is huge and includes smartphones, computers, televisions, and many more. The badge of Samsung is executed in a dark and bright shade of blue with contrasting white lettering. The logo features a solid blue oval, oriented slightly diagonally, with the white uppercase logotype in a narrowed sans-serif typeface crossing it horizontally, and having its first and last letters coming out of the frame with their corners.


Logo Skype

The visual identity of Skype, an online messenger, and a video-calls application, has the blue color on its three-dimensional logo introduced by light gradients. The logo is composed of a diagonally oriented banner with rounded edges, overlapped by a vertically set oval medallion with a bold white letter “S” on it. Both the top and bottom banners of the logo are set in the same color palette, with the thinner one, placed behind the main one, having a bit more darker gradients, added for the volume and contrast.


Logo Twitter

The iconic logo of Twitter, a famous social media platform, has one light and deep shade of blue as the only color in its visual identity. The small bird, executed in a plain blue with no additional details or decorative elements, is drawn in profile, facing to the right, and is usually placed over a white background. The color looks fresh and modern, but the main qualities it represents are reliability, security, and stability. The users of the social media service always feel safe using it and are free to express their opinions on everything going on in the world, without being afraid of getting misunderstood.


Logo Unilever

Unilever is a global company, which owns a large number of brands, producing personal hygiene and cosmetic goods. Like any umbrella brand, Unilever had to come up with a logo, which will suit all of its activities, and the company has chosen a complicated structure of dozens of small elements, forming an enlarged letter “U”, underlined by a smooth cursive logotype. All of the elements in the Unilever logo are set in one shade of blue, which looks professional and confident, representing the expertise and stability of the company, and its focus on the quality of the products distributed.


Logo Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing and streaming service, which was created for the young generation as the main audience. This is why the platform uses light and bright shades of blue for its smooth lowercase logotype, executed in an elegant yet modern cursive typeface. The shade of blue on the Vimeo badge looks very friendly and playful, but at the same time it stands for the reliability and security of the platform, and the professionalism of the team, standing behind it. Due to the delightful hue of the logo, it looks both good on light and dark backgrounds; and doesn’t need any graphical additions to be eye-catching and memorable.


Logo Visa

The solid and calm shade of blue from the visual identity of the world’s most famous payment system, Visa, is accompanied by a small dark yellow element, which elevates the look of the badge and adds a bright contrast, making the Visa badge memorable and funky. The logo of the financial service provider is composed of a bold uppercase logotype in a narrowed italicized sans-serif typeface, with the left vertical bar of the “V” decorated by a triangular yellow element with its widest side arched to the center. The blue in the Visa logo stands for responsibility. Confidence and security.


Logo Volkswagen

After the recent redesign, the color palette of the Volkswagen visual identity was switched to a dark and deep shade of blue. The new minimalistic badge of the German automaker features two thin blue letters “V” and “W” written one above the other in straight solid blue lines with clean contours, over a transparent background, being enclosed into a thin blue circular frame. This intense shade of blue looks very exclusive and chic, evoking a sense of sophistication and excellence, and showing the company’s focus on quality in everything.

Warner Brothers

Logo Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers are one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, which also has its logo in light blue. The badge of the company was designed decades ago but had some refinements and changes to the color palette made throughout the years. The current version of the logo features bold lines, and delightful shades of blue, used for all of the elements, which are: the “WB” monogram in a custom sans-serif typeface with clean sharp letters and straight cuts of the lines, and a classic shield frame with the geometric contour of its upper part. The upper line of the Warner Brothers crest is arched from the center and is built by three square steps on each side.


Logo Windows

The last name in our today’s list is also one of the most famous. Windows, an American corporation, known all over the globe, also has its visual identity based on light and vivid shades of blue. The logo of the company boasts a geometric composition, formed by grout solid blue squares, placed at a small distance from each other. The composition is turned in ¾, which adds some motion to a flat image with no gradients. The blue here is not only to make the logo look like a real window, but also to show the company as a responsible and stable one, and to accent its professionalism and expertise.


Logo Philips

Philips is a famous German brand of electronic appliances, which is mostly known for small personal care and beauty gadgets, used both by professionals and at home. The company has its logo executed in a very laconic style with just an uppercase inscription written in blue bold blue lines against a white background the shade of blue, used in the Philips insignia is very calming and relaxing, making people trust the brand and feel confident while using the Philips products.


Logo Hyundai

The blue in the visual identity of Hyundai, a large Korean automaker, is dark yet calm and evokes a sense of seriousness and stability. The logo of the company is composed of a stylized slanted letter “H” with smooth contours, inscribed into a horizontally oriented oval frame. These softly rounded lines of the elements are balanced by the depth and darkness of the color, used for the badge. The emblem looks very harmonized and professional, evoking a sense of expertise and timelessness.


Logo Sachs

The German company, known as a manufacturer of bicycles and automobile components, Sachs, also has its logo executed in blue and placed against a white background. The logo is composed of a graphical part, formed by two sharp vertically-oriented swooshes, enclosing a solid blue circle, and a medium-bold uppercase logotype in a clean and distinct sans-serif typeface. The shade of blue in this logo evokes a sense of trustworthiness and expertise, showing the company as a confident, stable, and reliable one.


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