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Gates is an American corporation, specialized in the production of industrial and automotive belts and hoses. The company was established in 1911 and today it has its production facilities and distribution offices all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The Gates monochrome logo is a reflection of style and elegance. Its sleek simplicity makes the logo recognizable and memorable.

The Gated logo is composed of a wordmark enclosed in an oval frame. The lettering is executed in a neat smooth cursive typeface, which is perfectly balanced.

The letters “G” and “S” have their curved elongated tails coming out of the frame, which creates a sense of growth and dynamics. The thickness of the frame repeats the letter-lines, which makes the logo harmonized and sophisticated.

Gates Logo

The smooth shapes of the logo look modern and bold in white and black color combination. The monochrome palette represents the colony as professional and stable, as well as the show’s power and authority.

The Gates logo looks great on any placement. It is timeless and elegant, yet always actual and shows the brand as progressive but with a huge value of heritage and traditions.