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Rover is a British car label, which production was ceased in 2005. The company was formed in 1878 and has been a part of Leyland Motor and BMW during its history.

Meaning and history

Rover Logo history

Rover was established as a factory of bicycles and only in 25 years, in 1904, the brand produced its first car. The brand became instantly popular and got a leading position in the British automobile market.
The Rover visual identity history is pretty colorful. There were 5 major redesigns of the Rover logo and a few more light modifications during more than a hundred years of the brand’s existence.

1884 — 1924

Rover Logo 1984
The original Rover visual identity was based on a shield-like emblem with cursive lettering on it. The emblem features gold color with the black of the wordmark.

1924 — 1929

Rover Logo 1924
The first major Rover logo redesigned was made in 1924. The brand changed its shield emblem to a gold handwritten wordmark.

1929 — 1963

Rover Logo 1929
The new logo was created in 1929, it was composed of a red and black colored shield with silver big “Rover” lettering. The logo was modified through the years, colors of the nameplate and details were switched to gold and blue was added to the palette.

1963 — 1965

Rover Logo 1963
In 1963 Rover changes the shape of its emblem to a more Art-Deco style figure, which is a trapezoid, extending up. The color palette remains black, red and gold, but the lettering now is more delicate and sophisticated. Placed on the top of the emblem.

1965 — 1979

Rover Logo 1965
The new round shape of the Rover logo was created in 1965 and slightly modified in 1976. It was composed of a silver image of the ship on a black background.

1979 — 2003

Rover Logo 1979
The brand switched back to the logo version of 1963, but the shape is changed – the trapezoid became thicker and the sides are curved. The color scheme and the wordmark remain similar.

2003 — 2005

Rover logo
The last Rover logo was created in 2003 and was fully based on the previous design, but with a gold color replaced by silver. The ship icon is more abstract and modern and the logo looks stronger than ever.

The Emblem

Rover Emblem
During its long history, the brand always used a Viking longship image on its emblems. In the early years, it was more ornate and colorful and the latest versions of the Rover visual identity feature stylish and modern gold-colored ship with a red sail.
The longship symbolizes freedom and movement. It is a bright and powerful element of the Rover identity, which makes the brand recognizable and meaningful.