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Lancia is the name of an Italian automotive company, which was established in Turin in 1906. The brand, owned by Fiat Chrysler Group, is very popular in Italy and other European countries, though not on other continents, despite the high quality of its vehicles and innovative approach to design and production process.

Meaning and history

Lancia Logo history

The Lancia visual identity history is a brilliant example of how the evolution and progress of the brand can be shown in the logo and its updates. All but the very first badges of the Italian marque have been based on two main symbols — a sharp cavalry weapon, which gave the name to the brand, and a steering wheel.

1906 – 1911

Lancia Logo 1906

However, the original Lancia logo, introduced in 1906, featured a simple script wordmark with elongated lines for the first and last letters. The nameplate was executed in gold and looked sleek and elegant, is a representation of style and sophistication.

1911 – 1929

Lancia Logo 1911

The badge, which became the basis of today’s Lancia visual identity, was designed in 1911 and comprised a steering wheel in thin gold lines on a white background, with a bright blue flag with a wordmark over it. The flag’s handle was replaced by a lancia, a weapon with a sharp metal end.

The gold lettering in an elegant serif font was placed on a blue rectangle and had its serifs pointed and elongated. Written in all capitals, the wordmark had its first letter enlarged.

1929 – 1957

Lancia Logo 1929

In 1929 the steering wheel was placed inside a blue shield. All the contours of the logo have been refined and became bolder. The blue crest had the same gold outline, as the rounded symbol, and it made the whole image balanced and bright.

1957 – 1974

Lancia Logo 1957

A new version of the logo was designed in 1957. The color palette was switched to silver and blue, where all the details except for the rectangular banner, were silver. The steering wheel became abstract and featured only a circle, which was enclosed in a shield-shaped frame. The lettering on the banner was executed in the same typeface as on the previous versions, but due to the use of the new color, it looked bolder and more confident.

1974 – 2007

Lancia Logo 1974

In 1974 the brand comes back to the blue background of the badge. The white steering wheel with blue lines and a solid blue flag was placed inside a blue shield with a delicate silver outline. The wordmark changed its typeface, and now all letters featured one size and were executed in a simple serif font with bold straight lines.

2007 – Today

Lancia logo

The redesign of 2007 brought a new style to the Lancia visual identity. The contemporary and sharp emblem featured a stylized steering wheel with enlarged lettering in the middle. The circular symbol is placed on a royal-blue shield with a thick silver frame.

The flag with a Lancia-handle was removed from the logo, but you can see the sharp ends of the weapon inside the circle of the steering wheel — on its top and bottom, pointing at the lettering.

Font and color

The white bold lettering of the Lancia logo is executed in a traditional elegant serif typeface, which looks very close to such fonts as Alter Headletter and Robusta bold, but with the letters narrowed. The inscription looks sleek and timeless due to its clean contours and distinct sharp serifs.

The blue and silver color palette of the emblem is complemented by white of the inscription and stands for quality, reliability, and loyalty. The marque values the safety and comfort of their customers, and this is very well shown on their badge.