Lancia Logo

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Lancia Logo
Lancia is one of the oldest Italian automaking brands, which was founded in 1906 and has been a part of the Fiat group for almost 40 years. Since 2007 Lancia is an independent company, which is widely recognizable and respected.

Meaning and history

Lancia Logo history

The brand was named after its founder, Vincenzo Lancia, who was a test-driver at Fiat company. During the first years of its history, the company used a simple wordmark as its logo, then the lettering typeface was changed to cursive and in 1934 Lancia designed its first complete logo, which is the base for the current version.
The Lancia logo is composed of an emblem with a bold wordmark lettering in its center. The emblem boats a shield-shape and a royal blue color, which is a reflection of the brand’s power and loyalty, as well as professionalism and authority.
One more element of the Lancia logo is a graphical interpretation of the steering wheel, which appeared on the earliest brand’s badges and was refined and modernized by today. It is executed in thin silver lines, which are elegant and timeless, adding style and lightness to the Lancia logo.
The wordmark in all-caps features a traditional serif typeface, which is narrowed and balanced. The silver color of the lettering makes the logo look bright and remarkable.