ISO Logo


ISO is the name of an international organization, which specializes in various standards promotion for businesses across the globe. Today ISO operates in almost 170 countries around the world and has three official languages — English, Russian and French.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the International Organization for Standardization has always been consistent and was only redesigned once, in 2018. Though even after the redesign the organization kept its original logo composition and the main idea, changing only the color palette and removing all the unnecessary lettering.

The original logo was composed of two parts — a blue and white square emblem on the left and a simple and light wordmark, set in three levels, on the right. The parts were separated by a thin vertical line in the same blue color.

The ISO emblem was composed of a white globe contour, placed inside a blue square, with bold overlapping “ISO” lettering on it. Laconic yet meaningful, the emblem showed the capture of the organization, and its intention to operate worldwide.

ISO Logo

The blue and white color palette of the original logo symbolizes the reliability and transparency of the organization, pointing also on such its qualities as a good reputation and authority.

Though in 2018 the color palette has been changed to red and white, the logo hasn’t stopped looking professional and trustworthy.

The new ISO emblem featured only the red square with a white globe and lettering on it. But the globe now is executed in fewer lines, which are also a bit thicker than on the previous logo. The typeface of the “ISO” has also been modified and became smoother and sleeker.

The long lettering was completely removed from the official logo, making the emblem the main hero of the visual identity. Minimalism is one of the biggest trends of modern design, and the International Organization for Standardization moves and develops with the whole world.