Opel Logo

Opel logo
Opel is one of the most famous European car brands, which was established in 1862 in Germany. The brand is highly recognizable across the world and has its offices in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Meaning and history

Opel Logo history

Being one of the oldest automobile companies in the world, Opel has had a lot of logo redesigns. But the iconic logo we all know today was created in 1964 and only slightly modified since then.
The first versions of the Opel logo featured ornate crests with the brand’s wordmark on them. The company couldn’t find its unique indenting until 1937, then the emblem composed of the yellow circle with a horizontally placed gray rocket was designed.
The rocket logo had about three modifications until the famous Opel lightning sign was created. It was a tribute to the Opel Blitz model (blitz means lightning in German).
The Opel logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark placed on its upper part. The three-dimensional emblem features a silver circle with a sharp wide “Z” crossing it horizontally.
The brave and distinct lines of “Z” make the logo instantly recognizable. It looks modern and confident and the silver-gray palette adds timelessness and elegance to the brand’s visual identity.