Bosch Logo

bosch logo
Bosch (Robert Bosch Gmbh) is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of automotive parts. Established in 1886, today it boasts a staff of more than 300,000 employees around the world.
The Bosch logo depicts a silver gray circle, which is a casing with a magneto armature inside it. On its right there is the company’s name written in red capitals. The ‘Invented for life’ script is typed in black beneath. Both typerfaces are custom-made. Thus, the logo comprises three colors: silver gray, red, and black, which symbolize excellence, integrity, reliability, and creativity.

Symbol history

bosch symbol

The armature Bosch symbol was designed in 1918 by Gottlob Honold, the brand’s first researcher and developer, who started to work for Bosch in 1901 and invented several innovative products. For the logo, Honold sketched the brand’s most known product, the magneto ignition system. The system itself was one of Honold’s inventions, too.
Bosch Logo history

bosch logo