Lamborghini logo

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Lamborghini logo
Automobile brand Lamborghini for more than 70 years is one of the most famous brands of luxury cars, in spite of the fact that the creator of the brand had lost control over the company in view of financial difficulties more than half a century ago.
lamborghini logo

Meaning and history

Lamborghini logo history
During the Second World War, Ferruccio Lamborghini worked as an aircraft mechanic, and an aircraft engines were his “first love” in engineering. But when the war was over, military (and aviation equipment) for the defeated Italy were virtually banned, and Ferruccio Lamborghini has engaged in the production of farm machinery. Of course, taking into account the experience gained in accompanying military equipment.
In 1947, under the Lamborghini brand, the first racing car was created, and driving the car its creator even took part in the Mille Milya races. But the only extravagance of the car was not enough – and Ferruccio Lamborghini decided not to stop on the halfway.


Symbol Lamborghini
The Taurus was chosen as the symbol of the brand – the sign of the zodiac of Ferruccio Lamborghini. However, the creator of the brand with an implication made the choice of a symbol. Too chosen image was close to the logo of the nearest competitor. However, this is a completely different story.

It is wonder that the appearance of the brand of high-speed Lamborghini cars was due to… Ferrari. Namely – imperfection of the technical side of cars of this particular brand caused excitement of the manufacturer of tractors, Lamborghini, to surpass them. Moreover, for a number of technical characteristics – for example, the reliability of the clutch – tractors from Lamborghini really surpassed the products of the cult brand. In fact, ithe arrogance of the founding father of Ferrari, convinced that “the manufacturer of tractors can’t criticize Ferrari” has led to the fact that his eternal antagonist and competitor appeared.

According to the official version of the company, the base, resembling a noble coat of arms, testified to the dignity of the company and the brand, targeting an elite public. As for the main element, it is both the sign of the zodiac, and the image of the head of the pagan pantheon of Ancient Rome – Zeus. After all, as is known, Zeus was in the image of a bull when he had stolen the beauty, Europe. It was just the same how Ferruccio Lamborghini tried to win over Europe.


Emblem Lamborghini
The shape of the emblem during the whole existence of the brand remained practically unchanged. On the shield the central (and only) symbolic element was settled – a raging bull. The figure is settled not classically according to heraldry (the classic is the location of image of the animal in the profile, and not in such a complicated posture as on the logo), but exactly this “irregularity” gives dynamics to the image, the evidence of the desire for innovation. And, of course, the necessary and desirable similarity with the logo of the nearest competitor.

The amusing incident accompanied the first race, in which the Lamborghini car participated. The owner of the brand himself sat behind the wheel to demonstrate the possibilities of his creation. And halfway he decided that it was enough demonstrate, so stopped at a roadside cafe and finished his race with a glass of good wine. With the assumption that his chances to win were quite real.


In the logo, the font does not play the most important role. Moreover, in one of version (minor changes during the decades of the company’s existence took place), the font was not supposed at all. However, in the current version, the font is used. It is located in the upper part of the shield, and differs in classical execution. Refusal of font excesses, according to Ferrucci Lamborghini, was a compulsory condition of the acquisition of favorable attention of the target audience of the brand.


Lamborghini logo color
The colour solution of the Lamborghini logo is very simple. The combination of classical black (aristocratism, dignity, restraint and thus reliability) and gold colour has allowed to underline elite character of a brand and each car created under these brand.
In history, the logo began with a black and white version, continued as black and white-red (black and white was a bull, red – the background), and only at the end of the century acquired the current look.