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MAN is one of the most recognizable brands of the heavy-trucks industry, which was established in 1758 in Germany and is owned by Volkswagen Group.

Meaning and history

MAN logo

The name of the brand, MAN, which is highly recognizable all over the world, was derived from the original company’s name Maschinenfabrik Augustus-Nurnberg. Not many companies get that lucky with the first letters of their full names. MAN has one of the strongest branding concepts ever.

The MAN logo is also iconic. It is very simple but masculine and strong. Composed of a wordmark and an arch above it, it shows the powerful and influential brand, which is confident in today and tomorrow and aims to provide the highest quality of its huge automobiles.

The silver-gray palette of the logo is modest and calm, yet on the print version of the MAN visual identity you can see the different tones of the letters — the “A” featured a lighter gray, which adds some playfulness to a strict brand.

When placed on the cars, the emblem is silver and looks massive, balancing the proportions of the brand’s trucks.

The MAN logo is one of the most minimalistic examples of the car brand’s visual identity, as well as one of the most powerful and remarkable. It shows the company as stable and timeless, the experienced and progressive.

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