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Mitsubishi is one of the biggest Japanese manufacturers or automobiles. It was founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, and today is a part of the RenaultNissan-Mitsubishi Alliance which is one of the world’s largest car-producing groups.

Meaning and history

Mitsubishi Logo history

The name of the company, Mitsubishi, is a derivative from two Japanese words: “mitsu” for “three” and “hishi” for “water chestnut”. It is a perfect example of the brand naming where a combination of two simple terms makes up a word, synonymous with progress, technology, and quality.

1870 – 1873

Mitsubishi Logo 1870

For the first three years after the company was established, it used both Iwasaki and Tosa crests, without any wordmark. It was more a symbolism than a brand’s visual identity, a tribute to the roots.

1873 – 1914

Mitsubishi Logo 1873

In 1873 the iconic emblem was created. It features three elegant thin rhomboids connected in the center of the image with a small circle. Today’s logo is already readable in the 1873’s version, but it is more modest.

1914 – 1964

Mitsubishi Logo 1914

The circle in the middle becomes a solid point, which makes the Mitsubishi logo look stronger and more confident.

In 1955 the wordmark appears on the logo. It is written in Japanese using a Mitarashi-ryu font. It adds modernity and elegance to the Mitsubishi logo. The color palette is now red and black, which is a great symbol of energy and stability.

1964 – 1985

Mitsubishi Logo 1964

In 1964 the logo gets a new shape, the one we can see today. The rhomboids become more balanced and bold. Now the Mitsubishi logo is harmonized and evokes a sense of reliability and expertise.

One more change of this time period is a company’s motto written above the emblem. It is in Japanese and can be translated as “with you today and tomorrow”.

1985 – Today

Mitsubishi logo

The Mitsubishi wordmark appears on the logo in 1985. The capital letters of the nameplate are executed in a traditional sans serif typeface with masculine straight lines, which are clean and direct. The wordmark features black color, which makes the logo strong and bright.

Later the nameplate changes to “Mitsubishi Motors”, but the typeface and color scheme remain untouched.

The classic powerful red black and white combination is a perfect choice for a minimalist and geometrical Mitsubishi logo. The straight lines and sharp angles reflect the brand’s energy and passion, evoking a sense of strength and authority.

The Emblem

Mitsubishi Logo

The famous Mitsubishi emblem was created in the 1870s and is a celebration of the brand’s heritage and history.

The composition of three red diamonds, which is instantly recognizable worldwide today, is a graphical representation of the company’s name meaning.

The Mitsubishi emblem was designed based on two crests: the three rhombus for the founder’s family, Iwasaki, and the shape of three oak leaves, which was a crest of Tosa Clan, who were the first employers of Yataro Iwasaki.

Each diamond in the Mitsubishi logo reflects one of the company’s main values: reliability, success, and integrity.

This simple and straightforward approach made the Mitsubishi visual identity one of the most well-known across the globe. And the use of red color shows the brand as passionate, powerful and energetic.

The Mitsubishi emblem is a celebration of the company’s roots and has been a part of the Mitsubishi logo for more than a century. It was only slightly modified through the years, but the meaning and sense have always been there.