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Komatsu is the brand of a Japanese company, which specializes in the manufacturing of industrial and construction machinery. The company was established in 1921 and today is one of the world’s leaders in its industry.

Meaning and history

Komatsu Logo history

before 1991

Komatsu Logo-19__The Komatsu company was named after one of the Japanese cities, yet the mane has a meaning of “small pine tree”. The first visual identity of the brand was based on the company’s name meaning — the abstract image of a tree with a wordmark under it, placed in a square frame with rounded angles.

1991 – Today

Komatsu logo

The current Komatsu logo was designed in 1991 by Bob Wolf from Wolf Design Partners agency. The company decided to switch to a more minimalist and modern logotype, and they did it brilliantly.

The Komatsu logotype is executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface with strong and solid letters. It is intense and perfectly weighted and balanced so that no additional graphics are needed there.

The two most remarkable elements of the Komatsu logo are its letters “A” and “T”. The “A” has no horizontal bar, which adds uniqueness to the lines of the wordmark’s “T”, which is the only letter in the brand’s name, having a horizontal bar.

The right half of the “T” bar is placed above the height of other letters and forms a square, the only element of the nameplate which is elevated.

The Komatsu color palette is based on a royal blue, which looks great on both the white backgrounds of typography materials and websites and the yellow of the company’s machinery.