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The logo of Hella, a German automotive part supplier, gives a metaphorical hint at the company’s specialization. The hint is pretty subtle, so for most people, the logo alone would not be enough to “decipher” the message.

Meaning and history

Hella Logo history

2012 – Today

Hella Logo

The shape of the current Hella logo has been inspired by one of the core products, the headlamp. Even the color palette combining gold (the color of the light) with dark blue seems to represent a lighting product.

The company has used one more way to create a link with this theme: the horizontal bar housing the word “Hella” is narrower in its left part and wider in its right part. Due to this, it may look like a ray of light. To emphasize this effect, the designers have used the letters of varying sizes: starting from the smaller letters on the left to larger letters on the right.

1925 – 1990

Hella Logo old

You can come across a variety of older logos more or less similar to the current one. For instance, there is a black-and-white Hella logo where the “ray of light” effect is more pronounced than in the current emblem. Here, the difference in the width of the central bar is more dramatic, and even the glyphs are more distorted. This has been necessary because the black-and-white color scheme does not give a chance to make the “gold” allusion to the light theme like in the current logo.

Also, we can mention logotypes where the “ray of light” effect was not present and versions where only the first letter was capitalized.