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Jaguar luxury brand, created in 1922 in the U.K., is famous for designing and manufacturing high-end cars. During its history, it has been a part of BMC and Ford, and finally was bought by Land Rover in 2013. It grew up into Jaguar Land Rover Group, owned by Tata Motors.

Meaning and history

Jaguar Logo history

The Jaguar emblem is known as the “Leaper” and is an image of a jumping jaguar.

1922 – 1945

Jaguar Logo 1920

The Swallow Sidecar Company logo was composed of a bright-blue circle in a red frame, with two gold wings. The handwritten-styled wordmark was placed inside the circle and executed in yellow-gold.

1930 – 1945

Jaguar Logo 1930

The most controversial period for the company’s visual identity. The 1930s logo was a hexagon with eagles wings and tail and an “SS” wordmark in the middle of the geometric figure. The straight bold lines of the typeface and the emblem looked powerful and decent in a monochrome palette.

1945 – 2012

Jaguar Logo 1945 

The leaping Jaguar logo was introduced in 1945. The first version was very similar to the one we have today. The jaguar’s contour was black, and it had a wordmark written in all-caps underneath. The color of the wordmark was dark green, which made the logo eye-catching.

The next version of the Jaguar logo was more streamlined. Angles were rounded to give the animal a more natural look. There were also added small details such as tech and ears. The wordmark became black and the lines of the typeface were now thinner and more elegant.

The third Jaguar logo was just a slight modification of the previous one, where mostly colors were changed. The Jaguar became darker, while the lettering turned gray.

There was also a short period of time when the brand used a red circle with an image of the jaguar’s head as its logo. It didn’t stay long, but the brand still placed it on the grill of come models.

2001 – 2012

Jaguar Logo-2001
The redesign of 2001 simplified the color palette of the Jaguar visual identity to black on white. It was also the year when all elements of the badge got refined and modernized. Thus, the leaping cat became cleaner and more professionally drawn. As for the wordmark, it changed the typeface to a contemporary sleek sans-serif with smooth lines and slightly softened corners of the bars’ ends.

2012 – Today

Jaguar logo

The Jaguar logo is a three-dimensional animal’s figure in a silver gray with a bold and confident silver wordmark. The gray color of the logo is gradient in order to accent the 3D shape. It looks sleek and adds movement and vitality.

The Jaguar logo is instantly recognizable. It is an example of high-end style and quality. Elegant, modern, and remarkable.