MAHLE is a brand of car components manufacturing company, which was established in 1920 in Germany. Today the brand is one of the world’s biggest auto-parts suppliers.

Meaning and history

The MAHLE logo is modern and stylish. Its minimalist design makes it look sleek and high-end.

The MAHLE wordmark, the single element of the logo, is written in all capital letters of the geometric sans-serif typeface, which is close to both Flappy Bird and Ernest fonts.

The straight lines and square cuts of the letters make the logo look powerful and futuristic. The brave shapes of the lettering evoke a sense of a confident company, with expertise in design and quality.


The masculine and brutal character of the MAHLE logo corresponds to the company’s field of activity, showing the automobile industry and its strength.

The dark blue on the white color palette of the MAHLE visual identity represents the reliable and trustworthy company and its fundamental approach to manufacturing.

The MAHLE logo’s simplicity elevates it to the next level, making the company’s visual identity timeless and iconic. No extra details are needed here, it is a perfect balance of shape and color.