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MayBach is a luxury car brand, which was established in 1909 in Germany and is a part of Mercedes-Benz Group today. It is one of the loudest names in the world’s luxury automobile segment.

Meaning and history

Maybach Logo history

1909 – 1997

Maybach Logo-1909
The iconic Maybach logo from 1909 featured exactly the same lines and symbols as the current one, but a slightly different color palette, which made everything look brighter. The geometric monogram and the full wordmark, placed along the bottom line of the badge, were colored green, while the background boasted a brick-yellow shade, a very chic and rare color, which made the whole logo stand out in the list of the brand competitors (if this brand ever had any).

1997 – 2013

Maybach Logo

Named after its founder, Wilhelm Maybach, today the brand is synonymous with high-end vehicles, which are adored and recognizable across the globe.

The Maybach logo is as legendary as the brand itself, it simple and elegant, featuring the double M monogram, which stands for Maybach Motorenbau.

There is an opinion, that the Maybach emblem looks similar to Adolf Hitler’s swastika sign, because of its sharp angles and confident lines. But overall, it is a great symbol of a luxury carmaker, which has been with the brand from its earliest days.

The monogram is enclosed in a triangular with curved sides, which is volumizing and sleek. One “M” is tall and narrow, while the second is wide and low. The black letters feature a silver outline, which is complemented by the same color palette of the framing.

The traditional Maybach color scheme contains black and silver on a gold background, but when placed on the cars, the emblem is executed in silver metal, which makes the pattern look fine and layered.

The Maybach logo is an example of timeless elegance and a perfect reflection of the brand’s heritage and history. It is an iconic sign, representing luxury and finesse.