Toyota logo

Toyota logo
The Toyota logo is well known far beyond Japan. Its exceptional conciseness (in fact, the logo consists of three ovals) contributes to the appearance of dozens of explanations of symbolic and semantic content.

Meaning and history

Toyota logo history

The modern form of the Toyota logo was registered in 1989.
There are several most popular versions of the meaning of this logo. The first of them says that the Toyota logo is a stylized needle with a thread (the initial capital of Kiichiro Toyoda was made on the weaving business). The second is that the basis is a stylized image of a cow or a bull (a sacred animal that promotes prosperity). Both versions in different periods of the company’s existence (and logo) were directly or indirectly confirmed by the official representatives of the enterprise. Perhaps also a simpler explanation is that the logo is a “T” character stylized in such a complicated way.

Interestingly, originally this carmaker was called differently: Toyoda, named after its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. However, in the hieroglyphic image this name consisted of 10 strokes, Toyota –  of 8 (lucky number in Japan, the number of prosperity). Therefore, the new name seemed more promising to the owner, than the ability to perpetuate his own.


Symbol Toyota
The symbolism of the Toyota logo for clients from the East is different than for the clients from the West. So, for Japanese and residents of neighboring countries with Japan, the smaller oval is meant to symbolize the client’s heart, the second is the heart of the Toyota car, and the biggest are the limitless possibilities offered by the brand for both hearts. By the way, mutual intersections of lines also have their significance, symbolizing strong and mutually beneficial relations between the enterprise and the client.


Emblem Toyota
The emblem of Toyota experienced a number of transformations through history, during which it acquired volume and slightly changed in size. However, major changes were avoided (exceptions were the color changes that led the logo to the current monochromy). Of course, we are talking about the current logo (the very first company logo was a hieroglyphic sign, too complicated and absolutely meaningless for the Western consumer). But the new, selected from more than 46 thousand options (the company in 1936 announced a contest for the best logo), is equally well read by both Western and Eastern consumers. For the Western – it easily reads the capital letter “T”, for the eastern – the philosophy of the logo and the entire brand is complex enough to cause respect.


Font Toyota logo
The Toyota font was developed taking into account, first of all, access to the international market. Proceeding from these plans (more than ambitious for the Japanese enterprise of the first third of the twentieth century), the font had to correspond to the restraint of the expectations of Western civilization, and at the same time to be perceived as sufficiently reliable and authoritative.


Color Toyota logo
The current color of the logo is silver metallic. However, it was not always so. So, in different periods of its history the logo was used even in the corporate red color of Toyota. And all because the changes, as they say in the company itself, are necessary to maintain interest in the brand, but the logo is good enough to change it substantially. In addition, the current logo is a kind of person of the company, a mirror of its unblemished reputation, and to preserve this mirror in this form is of interest of both the manufacturer and his customers.