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Fiat is a famous Italian automobile manufacturer, created in 1899. Today the brand is a part of Fiat-Chrysler Group and is one of the most popular distributors of vehicles all over the globe.

Fiat logo

Meaning and history

Fiat Logo history

The name of the company, Fiat, is an abbreviation of Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino. It was established at the end of the nineteenth century and is probably on the first place among all the automobile brands by the number of visual identity redesigns.

1899 — 1901

Fiat Logo 1899

The first Fiat logo was created in 1899 and stayed with the company for two years. It was composed of a gold rectangular with vignettes on its sides and angles and the lettering, saying the whole name of the brand and its shortened, Fiat, version, underneath it.

1901 — 1903

Fiat Logo 1901

In 1901 the logo was redesigned for the first time and now it was composed of a stylish wordmark in black, executed in a custom typeface with playful elongated lines. The typeface was very dynamic and made the logo look futuristic and eye-catching.

1903 — 1908

Fiat Logo 1904

The Fiat logo from 1903 was drawn in the Art-Deco style. It was composed of gold lettering, placed on a light blue rectangular, which was located on a dark blue background decorated with gold ornaments.

1908 — 1921

The style and color palette of the logo remained, but the shape of an emblem was changed to a horizontally located oval. Now it looks more universal and the wordmark stands out.

1921 — 1922

Fiat Logo 1921

The era of the circular Fiat logos began in 1921. The first design was a simple wordmark enclosed in a rounded frame. The monochrome palette made it look confident and powerful.

1922 — 1932

Fiat Logo 1925

In 1922 the logo became fancier — the framing is now silver with a leaves ornament, and the wordmark is colored red, placed on a white background.

There were slight changes made to the logo during this time period, but they all were mainly about the color scheme.

1932 — 1968

Fiat Logo 1932

Starting 1932 the brand changed the shape of the logo from circle to rectangular, which is after being modified into a shield-like emblem with a thick silver frame and bold big letter of the wordmark in a custom typeface, located on a red background.

There were about 5 redesigns of the rectangular Fiat logo from 1932 to 1968, but the color palette remained untouched.

1968 — 1972

Fiat Logo 1968

A completely new approach to the Fiat visual identity appeared in 1968. The logo became more strict and geometric.

It is now composed of four rectangles, connected to each other. Every letter is placed in a separate cell. The color palette is black and silver, which makes the Fiat logo look elegant and strict.

1972 — 1999

Fiat Logo 1972

In 1972 the color palette of the logo was changed to blue and white, which made it look lighter and more modern. The Fiat lettering features a bolder sans serif typeface, the clean lines of the letters make the logo bright and remarkable.

The logo stayed with the brand for quite a long time and today is considered to be one of the best versions of the Fiat visual identity designs.

1999 — 2000

Fiat Logo 1999

In 1999 the brand decided to come back to rounded forms. The new Fiat logo is composed of a blue circle with a thick silver frame and silver lettering, which looks volume and vivid due to the use of this color. The logo was used by the company for only one year.

2000 — 2006


Fiat Logo 2000

After the experiment with a circular logo, the brand decided to bring back the version of 1968, making it three-dimensional and adding some silver tones into its palette.

2006 — Today

Fiat logo

The last global redesign of the Fiat visual identity was held by the brand in 2006. Fiat was inspired by the early versions of the emblem and created a silver circle with a red shield inside of it and the silver wordmark.

The gradient colors and three-dimensional effect of the Fiat new logo make the brand’s visual identity sleek and bright.

The elegant elongated letters of the wordmark repeat the typeface created a long time ago, but now it looks cleaner and more stylish.

The Fiat logo is a celebration of an Italian style and a sense of beauty. It is a reflection of the brand’s value of design and quality, its free spirit and its vision.

2020 — Today

The redesign of 2020 kept the original style and typeface from the Fiat emblem created in 2003, though straightened the lines of the letters and elevated the color palette to scarlet-red. The new combination looks more chic and bright, and reflects the brand’s passion and power, accenting its attention to detail and value of beauty.