Ferrari Logo

Ferrari Logo
The car brand Ferrari today is associated with wealth and prosperity. A reared horse with a logo is literally known all over the world.

Meaning and history

Ferrari Logo history

The founding father of the brand, Enzo Ferrari, began his career as a car racer of the Alfa Romeo team. True, he could not boast of great successes. But, being, like most of the racers, superstitious, he considered the absence of victories simply a bad luck or a lack of a good symbol. This was suggested to him by the Barakka family (their son was killed during the First World War, but his life, it might be said, consisted of a real succession of luck). The reared horse stood on the fuselage of the younger Barakka’s airplane.
After the departure of the Alfa Romeo team from the race, Ferrari has practically replaced the more eminent competitor.

It is interesting that on the Barak airplane the image appeared as a kind of military trophy. The horse had migrated there from another plane, shot down by Barakka. At the helm of this very first aircraft was a native of German Stuttgart (on the coat of arms of this city is represented exactly such a horse, only slightly more fattened). However, there is also a version that the black horse adorned the coat of arms of the Barakka family.
It is also surprising that on the first motorcycles of the Ducati brand the same symbol was used – a rearing horse (with reference to the coat of arms of the same Stuttgart). However, with the increasing popularity of the Ferrari brand, the motorcycle corporation decided to replace its own logo.

In 1932, a new emblem appeared on the racing car of Ferrari – a black horse on a yellow background, standing on its hind legs. And the Ferrari team itself was named Scuderia Ferrari, which means “stable” – by analogy with jumps. In the logo, in turn, appeared the letters S and F.


Symbol Ferrari
The main symbol of the brand Ferrari, therefore, is a horse that has got up on its hind legs. The association, which evoked in Enzo Ferrari’s contemporaries this image, can be formulated as “rampant”, “speediness” or, in other words, “speed.” However, in heraldry, this position of the racehorse symbolizes also power and victory.

Car logos with horse


Emblem Ferrari
The shape of the emblem varied depending on the fashion trends in industrial design. Initially, the emblem was more like a festive flag, hung vertically from the windows of the Italian palazzo at the time of the big celebrations. On a red background there was a banner, made in the colors of the national flag. On it, in turn, the heraldically authentic image of the horse, standing on its hind legs, inscribed in the triangular form of the coat of arms, is laid out. Later the form changed, the red color was almost eliminated, but the heraldic structure (the figure on the coat of arms) was preserved in almost all variations.


Font Ferrari logo
Throughout the history of the brand, the font has changed, but insignificantly. Speaking figuratively, it “lost weight”, the lines became more elegant and subtle. But the very form of font writing, in which the continuation of the first letter is simultaneously the pinnacle of the entire text element, remained unchanged


Color Ferrari logo
Black horse, the central figure of the logo, in its very color symbolizes power and extravagance. Equally important is the Italian tricolor that was present on all variants of the logo.
But the yellow background color has not only the symbolism of the color itself and its shrill brightness and festivity. The flag of the city of Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, has a distinct yellow segment in its composition. By the way, not far from this city is still the headquarters of the “Ferrari stable”.