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F1, or Formula One, is the most popular auto-racing event in the world, which was first held in 1959 and since then organizes two championships per year — for racers and for producers.

Meaning and history

F1 Logo history

The name Formula One refers to the Rules of the competition, strictly formulated. The even and its owner, Formula One Group, value their reputation and discipline.

The visual identity of F1 has been pretty stable during history. It was dramatically changed twice and got the iconic logo in 1993. The emblem stayed with Formula 1 for more than 29 years and was redesigned in 2018.

What is F1?
F1 is the shortened name of one of the most famous sports events in the world, Formula 1. This auto-racing competition takes place twice a year, with the very first event being held in 1959. Today F1 is synonymous with the most prestigious title for any racer.

1985 — 1987

F1 Logo 1985

The first F1 logo was composed of a long horizontal rectangular with a wordmark and rounded emblem on its left. The color palette of the original logo was blue on a light gray background, with darker blue and gray for the emblem.

This design of visual identity existed for only two years and was replaced by a brighter one in 1987.

1987 — 1993

F1 Logo 1987

The next version of the Formula 1 logo was more compact and confident. It was composed of a black wordmark built-in 3 plants with yellow underline and an FIA lettering above it. The thick black lines of FIA were crossed by a white silhouette of a racing car.

1993 — 2018

F1 Logo 1993

The most iconic F1 logo was designed in 1993 by Carter Wong. It was composed of a slanted letter “F” and speed marks, forming “1” in the negative space, on its right.

The color palette of the famous logo was black and red on a white background, where black “F” was symbolizing determination and power, and red of the speed marks — eternal energy, movement, and passion.

2018 — Today

f1 logo

The legendary logo was completely redesigned in 2018. The current F1 visual identity is composed of a bright red stylized “F” leaning forward, like moving into the future, and the diagonal clean line of “1”.

The new logo looks powerful and modern, it can be called minimalist and simple, but the rounded lines are sleek and the dynamics of the logo makes it look alive and energetic.

The bright red is a perfect reflection of the F1 energy and speed. The new Formula One logo is stylish and contemporary, looking great wherever it is placed on and celebrating the race spirit.

Font and Color

The stylized futuristic logo of F1 is set in a designer font with heavy solid bars, straight cuts of the ends, and softened angles. The elongated lines of the uppercase “F” make it unique and this custom font has no commercial analogs.

As for the color palette of the F1 visual identity, it is based on a combination of red and white, which is sometimes accompanied by black elements. Red is the color of power and passion, and these two qualities are the best characteristics not only for the event itself but for everyone taking part in it.