Siemens Logo

Siemens Logo
Since 1973, Siemens has had a simple wordmark logo. However, for most of its history, the company used a more intricate symbol.

Meaning and History logo

Siemens Logo history

The very first version of the Siemens logo appeared in 1899. It featured interlacing letters “S” and “H”. Each letter symbolized one of the co-founders, Siemens and Halske. The symbol proved to be rather successful, so it became the basis of the company’s logo for the following 37 years. However, the logotype did not stay the same throughout this period.


Symbol Siemens
In 1925 the symbol was placed in a circle. Three years later, the circle, in its turn, was placed into a bigger diamond-shaped logo. It was the first time when a wordmark was added to the official emblem. It was also placed inside the diamond, right under the interlacing letters “S” and “H”.


Emblem Siemens
In 1936 the emblem grew cleaner and simpler, the diamond and circle shapes being removed from it. By 1973, however, it became obvious that the logo was excessive, so the company decided to get rid of the symbol, leaving only the wordmark. The following update came in 1991 and included the change of the color.


Font Siemens Logo
Some of the typefaces that resemble the one used in the Siemens wordmark are Frutiger Black and Colaborate Bold.


Color Siemens Logo
The only color featured in the current Siemens logo is cyan. It was adopted in 1991, while earlier emblems were black-and-white.