Porsche logo

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Porsche logo
Nowadays, Porsche is considered an iconic carmaker. Its logo is easily recognizable and well-known in different parts of the world. Like any legend, this brand is connected with many myths and misconceptions.

Meaning and history

Porsche logo history

The origin of the Porsche’s logo is a mystery. The only fact that is known for sure is that the company didn’t have any emblem until it entered the competitive American market. In other words, their cars had only the name of the brand written on them. However, demanding American consumers wanted to see something more impressive.

Car logos with horse

There are two legends explaining the origin of the logo. The first one, which is quite popular in the USA, describes the meeting of Ferdinand Porsche, the company’s owner and automotive engineer, with Max Hoffman, New York-based importer of European automobiles. The latter insisted on creating a graphic element and drew it right there on a simple restaurant napkin. Ferdinand Porsche agreed to his suggestion.

Before the  Porsche’s logo was registered on the market of the Old World, many armorists suggested Ferdinand Porsche using more suitable for the automobile industry element instead of a horse. A car isn’t a heraldic symbol, so their main ideas were a nut or a wrench. Nevertheless, the owner refused to do it and secured the sympathy of conservative consumers.

According to the second explanation, which is a bit different, Ferry Porsche didn’t consider the graphic element to be a necessary detail. Nevertheless, after meeting with Hoffman he ordered Franz Xaver Reimspiess to develop a logo. The engineer without any designing skills created a sign which is still known as a visual attribute of the famous brand.


Porsche Symbol
The main element of the logo is a rampant black horse. For many people it is associated with freedom, speed, and great strength, but those who are familiar with heraldry can get a deeper notion of the symbol. The rampant horse is a reference to Stuttgart coat of arms – this German city houses the headquarters of the company. Four attached sections are taken from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg, a currently nonexistent state which used to have Stuttgart as the main city. Antlers are the symbol of natural resources. Red and black stripes are combined to remind of classical traditions and the tendency of self-perfection (the unity of equipment and technologies).

The brand produced designs for heavy tanks, like the Tiger I and the Tiger II, amphibious off-roaders and the classical “car for people”, later known as Volkswagen Beetle.


Porsche Emblem
The emblem of Porsche has gone through several updates during the long history of the brand’s existence. However, those changes were not very significant, they were mainly decorative. In particular, the horse was changed. Thus, in 1994, its head got smaller, while its body became thinner.

Print logo

Print Porsche logo
The text placed in the upper part of the logo has always played an important role. The font hasn’t undergone major changes; the peculiarities of the lettering remain the same. In 1994, the gold colour turned into black. From the one hand, it made the logo look more “democratic” as “steel” replaced “gold”. Moreover, such a combination highlighted the black text on the gold background.


Colour Porsche logo
The red colour in the logo has gained different tints – from red in 1954 to orange in 1963 and violet in 1973. In 1994, they added golden lines between the colours, which made the sign sharp-cut and well-defined.
The colour of the print also changed from gold to black.