BMW Logo

The car brand BMW is associated with the speed available to everyone. These are cars produced serially, but with all the signs of elite transport.

Meaning and history

The automobile brand BMW counts down its history from 1917, when two small aircraft engine companies are merged into one company, named Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works). And the logo reflects the main direction of the company – the manufacture of aircraft engines.

The first car, released under the BMW brand, was called Dixi (Latin – “I said”, “I said everything”). This is how the ancient Roman philosophers finished their monologues. Indeed, the high-speed compact car Dixi became a new word in the automotive industry, setting a record speed of 1920-1930-ies.
One version of the logo design appeals to the flag of Bavaria as the main object of this logo (on the flag alternate blue and white rhombuses). And really, why not consider this version?

However, after the defeat of Germany in the First World War, the ban on the production of military equipment (including aircraft engines) almost led to the collapse and BMW. And only a quick redirection saved the brand from ruin. The company began to produce engines first for motorcycles, after for cars and, in the end – actually cars.


BMW symbol
Regarding the symbolism of the BMW logo and today, almost 90 years after the company was founded and the logo was created, they argue.
The first and most obvious symbolic meaning of the image is an airplane rotating at high speed against the blue sky.
However, there was another symbolic explanation of the logo, and it has to do with chess. Indeed, the strategic thinking of the founders of BMW allowed them to “outplay” both competitors and winners of the First and Second World Wars, and to preserve and develop (even under the most unfavorable conditions) production.


Emblem BMW
In principle, the emblem of BMW for years of existence has not changed. The form – a circle, with a “chess” element in the center and a black contour, serves as the basis for font writing. Even the colors have survived (to a greater or lesser extent, given the transformation of blue in the logo), which clearly indicates the brand’s desire to preserve the best, but at the same time flexibly follow the new trends.


Font BMW Logo
Considering that the basis of the logo from the time of founding of the company has not practically changed – the circle divided into 4 color segments in the center, the outline of which is the background for the font name of the brand, then the font itself changed and is quite strong.
The original font – with serifs, rather thin lines – seemed to the creators not impressive enough. The writing became bold, but the color remained golden. Subsequently, the font was unified, the notches disappeared, the lines acquired a uniform thickness. And the color – it became white, and up to now it is the white (silver) font that is considered classic for the brand.


Color BMW logo
The choice of color for the emblem of labor was not – a combination of blue and white colors is a special combination of Bavaria. In similar colors, the flag of this land is also decided. And although the shades in the logo periodically changed – the blue became more or less saturated, and even turned into a blue one – but for the creators of the logo it is still the colors of the Bavarian flag.
It is interesting that the font color in the 1930s changed from gold to white (silver). Thus, the brand emphasized its desire to make elite cars more affordable for the middle class.