Most Famous Logos in Gold

Most Famous Logos in Golden

Golden is a warm and soft shade of yellow. It is associated with warm and inviting communication, tender love, and generosity. Golden is a rather sensual color of sunsets and candles. This is also the color of luxury and material wealth. Many associate it with success, prosperity, authority, and stability. Most often, gold is used in luxury brands.

Golden goes well with many other colors, standing out against them and making the logo look eye-catching. With the help of golden shades, you can enliven even the simplest logo. Bright shades provide a lot of possibilities for creating exclusive designs. This color is a mixture of yellow and orange colors. It should be kept in mind that in different cultures, the golden color has its own meaning. In Indonesia, it symbolizes truth, in Egypt, it symbolizes prosperity, and in India, it symbolizes knowledge.


Aaglander Logo

An automobile company that produces unique convertibles, stylized as vintage carriages. The combination of golden, white, and black not only makes the logo look grand but also hints at the timeless classic look of the automobiles manufactured by Aaglander.


Accor Logo

Accor is the largest international hotel operator. Although the company owns brands in luxury and premium sectors as well as the economy, it went with a more sophisticated and powerful design that included a golden gradient and an elegant design with a large initial and full name underneath.

Air Astana

Air Astana Logo

Air Astana is the national carrier of Kazakhstan and one of the fastest-growing airlines in the CIS. The sophisticated and stylish curves and details were made even more beautiful thanks to the deep metallic sunburst shade of golden. It made the logo look grand but not excessively glamorous.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera Logo

Al Jazeera is one of the most popular Arab television companies. It went for a rather traditional and classic look for its logo.  It features a bold and clean typeface of a golden color that is embellished by a delicate and detailed flame-like emblem of the same color on the left.


Arash logo

From the first days of its existence, this private British company was aimed at producing cars that were exclusive in terms of power and convenience. Its logo is done in a stunning black and golden color palette and features an image of a peregrine falcon, the fastest creature on planet Earth.

Arkansas PB Golden Lions

The Arkansas–Pine Bluff Golden Lions represent the University of Arkansas in intercollegiate athletics. The golden color is already part of the name, so it was not surprising to see it in the logo. It is well-accented by a black outline and red details, creating a very impressive and powerful image of a fierce lion.

Belgian Air Component

Belgian Air Component Logo

The grand and magnificent is very much suitable for a king himself. However, it represents the air unit of the Belgian Armed Forces. Each element has its unique meaning and shows the dedication to the traditions and the country itself.


BGN Logo

Originally from France, each product of the BGN brand represents the laconicism and style of France, which is complemented by notes of lightness and ease characteristic of Italy. Its logo looks very minimalistic as it features only the company name. However, a muted golden color allows the logo to stand out against typical black or blue designs and charm with its simplicity and perfection.


Cadbury Logo

Cadbury is the world leader in the chocolate confectionery market. Gold and purple logos evoke a feeling of luxury, prestige, and mystery. Cadbury is a great example of a company using this color combination with the font choice enhancing the logo’s elegant and stylish appearance.

Central Florida Knights

Central Florida Knights Logo

The Central Florida Knights, an athletic team of the University of Central Florida, were once known as the Golden Knights. Their black and golden ammunition and a logo to match it create an image of a strong, fearless, and determined sports team that will fight for victory till the end.

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory Logo

A combination of rounded serif font that appears to be handwritten with a fall golden shade creates a very welcoming, cozy, and magical atmosphere. Looking at the logo, one already wants to try the tasty cheesecake desserts made at the Cheesecake Factory.


Chevrolet logo

Chevrolet is the leading division of the General Motors concern, specializing in the production of cars, pickups, and SUVs. The golden cross accompanied by silver and dark gray colors makes the logo design look contemporary and reflects the technological nature of the brand. It symbolizes innovation and strength.


Corbellati Logo

The Italian company Corbellati, whose core business has been jewelry manufacturing, recently decided to try its hand at a supercar with a record top speed. Its logo looks classic and stylish. The metallic golden gradient along with the bird gives it an ambitious and prestigious appearance.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Logo

Elden Ring is an adventure soulsborne action game in the world of dark fantasy from the creators of the Dark Souls series with the participation of the author of Game of Thrones. The golden reflects the magical game elements while the texture and broken pieces hint at a dying world that warriors try to bring back to life.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Logo

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the UAE that offers premium-class flights. The monochrome logo of a muted golden color shows that the flights on this airline are luxurious and prestigious. At the same time, it is not overly glamorous, which gives the logo a stronger and more confident feel.

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials Logo

Forest Essentials is a natural Indian luxury cosmetics that has won love and fame among women in many countries. The golden color represents the exclusivity and lavishness of the brand, while a tree in the center symbolizes the natural components of each product.


Logo Guinness

Guinness is the most popular Irish beer, which has become a legend not only in its homeland in Ireland but also far beyond its borders. The harp, which is also the official national emblem of the Republic of Ireland, has been done in antique gold shape to reflect the long history and prestige of the brand.


Halo logo

Halo Beauty specializes in vitamin dietary supplements. The logo was designed to create an image of a sophisticated and polished brand. It symbolizes the perfection and beauty one will be able to achieve with the help of Halo.


Hearthstone Logo

Hearthstone is a turn-based game in which the main goal is to destroy the enemy hero. The golden color of the logo along with the base creates a mesmerizing image. The designer was able to form an illusion of heat, excitement, and action.

History Channel

History Channel Logo

The History Channel is a television channel that is popular in all countries of the world and broadcasts programs that are connected with the history of our planet. In this case, the golden color is used to give the logo a classic appearance and make it look grand.


InterContinental logo

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is a network of luxury hotels worldwide, aimed at wealthy, service-demanding, and sophisticated travelers. Although the golden color here seems to be secondary, it makes it clear that this is a five-star hotel.


Iso Logo

Italian motorcycle and auto concern that existed from 1940-1970. The logo features a stylized image of “ISO”, a griffin against the background of the Italian flag. It is the use of golden color for the main logo elements that gives the brand that prestigious and powerful feel.


Jacobs Logo

Jacobs is one of the largest coffee companies in the world. It went for a golden shade as its main color. It not only goes well with dark green and black but also shows the customers that they receive the best quality coffee and get to enjoy its exceptional aroma and taste.


Lamborghini Logo

An Italian car brand that was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini, who also proposed the design for the logo – a bull in the center of the emblem. Gold and black logos evoke feelings of elegance, prestige, and style. Lamborghini is a great example of companies using this logo color combination.


Lazio logo

S.S. Lazio is a football club from Italy. The golden eagle above a sky-blue shield looks powerful and majestic and represents the greatness of the players. The golden color is also associated with stability, which might mean that the Lazio club is determined to stay at the top.

League of Legends

League of Legends Logo

League of Legends is an online MOBA game, the first and most famous game developed by Riot Games. The golden color palette with a three-dimensional effect and interesting metallic texture makes the logo of this legendary game look very impressive and suitable for such a successful game.


Lindt Logo

Lindt & Sprüngli is a household name, symbolizing bliss, quality, and chocolate pleasure throughout the world. The company went for a muted golden color that represented its products as exceptional and delicious and the brand’s adherence to traditions.


Lowrider Logo

Lowrider is a unique automotive-focused game where you never really get to drive the automobile. The shade of golden is very close to a bright and saturated yellow that is full of energy and enthusiasm. It also goes perfectly with the contrasting black and white logo elements.


Lux Logo

Hand and body soaps from the Lux brand are associated with elegance, sophistication, and exceptional care. They not only cleanse but envelop the skin with unique aromas. These features are well represented by the deep metallic golden gradient that creates an illusion of volume.


Magnum Logo

Ice cream brand Magnum has firmly established its position in the premium ice cream sector. To show the customers that it is not just plain ice cream, they chose an antique gold shade for their monochrome logo. It showcases their achievements.


Logo Merci

Merci is an exquisite combination of different types of chocolate individually packaged in gold foil. The exclusive design creates a warm sensation and fills the soul with pleasant and joyful feelings. The small red element in the form of a heart adds a nice contrasting touch.


MGM Logo

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is an American media company specializing in the production and distribution of film and video products. The logo is done in a golden gradient accented by black. This color combination and complex design give the logo a classic and powerful appearance.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Logo

Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business intelligence services from Microsoft. Its bright color palette symbolizes the energy and dynamics of the Power BI. It also stands for the new business opportunities that the service can bring, with stacked bars hinting at growth and improvement.


Omsa logo

Omsa is a multifaceted brand, consisting of products of classic style and high quality, as well as collections of the latest fashion, especially loved by women and children. The bold and geometric font gives the logo a modern appearance, while the golden hints at the classic designs and exceptional quality.

Pearl Continental

Pearl Continental Logo

Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts has always maintained excellent international standards of product and service quality. The group continuously focuses on strengthening its brand and creating memorable experiences for people, which is reflected in a well-designed logo that looks sophisticated and luxurious.


Porsche Logo

Porsche produces sports cars and has recently begun working on crossovers and sedans. At the subconscious level, the golden, deep red, and black shades are associated with status and prosperity. The logo design matches the premium and prestige automobile brand.


RCB logo

Royal Challengers Bangalore is a cricket team based in Bangalore that plays in the Indian Premier League. The golden color is closely associated with royals, prestige, and influence. It shows the strong position of the team and their strive for success.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid not only topped the ranking of the most valuable football brands in the world but is also one of the most supported football clubs. Golden color plays an important role in this logo and goes perfectly with the crown theme of the logo. It shows the high status of the club.


Rolex Logo

Rolex is the world’s leading luxury watch manufacturer and one of the most valuable watch brands. Although crowns can be made from different materials, it is the golden color that is most associated with this royal accessory. The brand hints that its watches are on a par with a golden crown.

Royal Air Force of Oman

Royal Air Force of Oman Logo

The Oman Royal Air Force is a crucial, qualified, and strong regional air force. The logo looks very majestic and powerful not only thanks to multiple elements with a deep meaning behind them. Since most of them pertain to the rulers, the usage of golden with a bit of red is very reasonable.

Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian logo

Royal Jordanian is the airline of Jordan based in Amman Airport. The golden color not only reflects its leading position but also the “Roayl” part of the name. It is also the most suitable color for the crown image that plays an important role in the overall image.


Saga Logo

SAGA is a military tactical board game set in the Middle Ages. It is an elegant and impressive font combined with a golden and white color palette that takes the player to that era.  The logo is otherwise quite minimalistic, which allows one to use the imagination and let it take them to a world of adventure.


Sanoflore Logo

The Sanoflore brand has become famous thanks to its high-quality cosmetics, characterized by a high content of natural ingredients. The intricate logo design and use of a shiny golden color palette show the world that the usage of its products is truly a luxury for one’s health and beauty.


Schweppes logo

Schweppes is a brand of non-alcoholic soft drinks. A shiny metallic base of a golden color allows the black inscription to stand out and gives the logo a grander look. The golden color might also refer to the time when J. Schweppe & Co. was a supplier of carbonated drinks to the royal court.

Standard de Liege

Standard de Liège logo

Standard de Liège is a major professional football club based in Liège, Belgium that plays in the first division. It chose an antique shade of gold with white and bright red accents to create a majestic and solid image of the club.


Tangled logo

Tangled is a magical story created by Walt Disney Animation Studios that brings a new take on the famous tale of Rapunzel. The golden shades and stunning serif font in this logo create a very fairy-tale and enchanted impression and hint that the main character is not just a regular girl.


Tchibo logo

Tchibo is a world-famous coffee manufacturer from Germany that today offers comfortable clothing for sports and leisure, as well as home and everyday items. The logo, though, is a reflection of its coffee roots and the muted golden color

The Owl House

The Owl House Logo

The Owl House is an animated fantasy comedy series from Disney Channel created by Dana Terrace. The designer went with a black and golden color palette to create a magical atmosphere. This color is also associated with wisdom and knowledge, which is what the main character aims to acquire.

Tristar Arms

Tristar Logo

TriStar Arms is known for bringing high-quality firearms to the market at affordable prices. The company’s logo is bright and looks great against the dark and wooden finishes of the firearms. It also creates an image of an exceptional product.



Surabaya State University (UNESA) is a leading educational institution with a wide and diversified infrastructure. Looking at the logo, one instantly thinks of a traditional and prestigious establishment with a long history.  The intricate design and golden color greatly contribute to such an impression.

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights Logo

The Vegas Golden Knights are a Las Vegas-based American successful ice hockey team. The team had a powerful and very impressive black and golden logo. It creates an image of a strong and determined club that will win no matter what.


Versace Logo

A stunning and very detailed logo was created for the brand, combining sophistication, perfection of form, and unprecedented luxury. Versace logo and watch design is a combination of past and present, in which modern geometric shapes juxtaposed with the beauty of historical elements.

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