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The Etihad Airways logo has remained unchanged in its core since 2003 when the second-largest airline in the UAE was founded. And yet, there have been a couple of updates.

Meaning and history

Etihad Airways Logo history
Etihad Airways made its first demonstration flight to Al Ain on November 5, 2003, and already a week later, on November 12, 2003, Etihad began scheduled flights to Beirut and became the fastest-growing airline in the history of commercial aviation.
In June 2004, the airline signed an $8 billion order for new aircraft. Five Boeing 777-300ERs and 24 Airbus aircraft were ordered, including four A380s. In 2008, at the Farnborough International Airshow, the largest order for 205 aircraft in commercial aviation history was announced – 100 firm orders, 55 options and 50 purchase rights.
Etihad Airways flies more than a thousand flights a week. The company’s aircraft consists of 72 liners, which fly to 86 destinations. The company also has a network of tourist routes and its own cargo program.

What is Etihad Airways?
Etihad Airways is the name of the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The airline was founded as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates in July 2003 by decree of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.


Etihad Airways Logo 2003

The original logo was dominated by the word “Etihad” in a creative yet legible type. The Arabic version was placed above, while the word “Airways” in a more regular serif type was placed below. There was also a version of the logo featuring two ribbons (gold and red) and the blue word “Airways.”


Etihad Airways logo
The gold grew lighter and brighter. The ribbons disappeared, while the lettering “Airways” grew larger and now featured a simpler type.

Font and Color

The unique uppercase lettering from the primary badge of Etihad Airways is set in a custom serif font with elegant and sharp elements of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Gerson Rand, or Molly Sans XE Medium, but with some dramatic modifications of the contours.
As for the color palette of the Etihad Airways visual identity, it is based on gold, with all elements usually placed against a plain white background. Gold is not only the symbol of luxury and chic, but also a symbol of quality and professionalism.