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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is a hotel brand founded in 1946 as a subsidiary of Pan American World Airways. There are more than 200 InterContinental hotels featuring over 68,000 rooms worldwide. The first hotel under this brand was opened in Belem, Brazil.

Meaning and history

InterContinental logo history

1995 – 2002

InterContinental Logo-1946
Their oldest logo is a blue rectangle with a golden emblem in the top half, and the wordmark section in the bottom. The emblem is a sort of vertical oval with two sharp edges and a big blue ‘I’ in the center. The wordmark is written in capital white letters, using a serif font. Below it, there’s also a white line separating it from the words ‘hotels and resorts’ made in a very similar style.

2002 – Today

InterContinental Logo
In 2002, they remodeled the emblem into a 3D image with brown framing and a white ‘I’ instead of a blue one. The colored background was gone, as well. As for the text bit, they got rid of everything save the name itself and wrote it in a more pleasant grey font.

InterContinental logo

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