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Pearl Continental is the most luxurious travel destination for those, who are going to Pakistan. This chain of five-star hotels was opened in 1964, and throughout its history has never left the leading position in the list of local hotels.

Meaning and history

Pearl Continental is luxury as it is. Obviously, there are not too many high-end hotels in Pakistan, as this country has never been considered a luxurious tourist destination, so PC Group fully closes this niche for the country, with its eight five-star hotels, located across Pakistan.

The chain of hotels was established in 1964, with the first location opened in Karachi. It was founded by Sadruddin Hashwani and inaugurated by Pakistan President Muhammad Ayub Khan. Today the Karachi hotel is still the main one in the chain, by the Pearl Continental buildings can be found in seven more cities, with the company’s plans not stopping there.

What is Pearl Continental?
Pearl Continental is the name of the largest Pakistani luxury hotel chain, which was established in the middle of the 1960s in Karachi, and by today has grown into a hotel operator with eight locations across Pakistan.

In terms of visual identity, the Pearl Continental company has been pretty stable and loyal. The hotels of the chain have been using one logo for decades now, and it still looks very actual, brilliantly reflecting the essence and spirit of the company’s hotels.

???? – Today

Pearl Continental Logo

The elegant and sleek badge of the Pearl Continental hotel chain is based on the lettering, executed in a chic golden color. Everything in this badge is about luxury and elegance, starting from the elongated and curved lines of the PC monogram, placed on top of the composition, and finishing with the clean and delicate, yet very stable and confident, title case characters, set under the signifier.

Font and color

Pearl Continental Emblem

The elegant and lightweight badge of the Pearl Continental hotel chain uses two different fonts: one custom cursive for the “PC” monogram on the upper level of the logo, and a clean and modern sans-serif font for the full name of the hotel, written under the monogram. As for the second line of the badge, its type looks very close to such fonts as Frutiger Next Central European Regular, or Rolphie 03 Regular, with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the Pearl Continental visual identity, it is based on a tender and elegant combination of gold and white, and sometimes can be seen in white on black. The golden lines of the letters in the Pearl Continental logo emphasize the luxury segment of the chain and show its hotels as chic and expensive.