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Lindt is a Swiss brand of chocolate manufacturer, which was established in 1845 by Rodolphe Lindt. The colony distributes its products worldwide and is known for the high quality and wide variety of its chocolates.

Meaning and history

Lindt Logo history

The brand’s roots can be traced back to 1836.

1845 – 1899

Lindt Logo 1845

If you take a look at the older packaging used decades ago, you will notice they were slightly different. The shape of the curl on the “L” could be more intricate or more modest; the glyphs could be slightly bolder or lighter, etc. And yet, the overall style remained perfectly recognizable.

1899 – now

Lindt Logo


The current Lindt logo features the name of the brand in gold. The script is a refined and elegant one, with a pronounced calligraphic effect. The glyphs are formed by the strokes of varying widths. The most prominent letter is the capitalized initial, with its distinctive curl.

According to an explanation provided by the company, the italics symbolize “the flowing melted chocolate.” To the right, there is a dragon. The fierce creature makes sure that the chocolate “can’t flow too far away.” Also, it makes sure “everything remains controlled and premium.” As the brand explains, the logo shows “you can indulge in Lindt chocolate without fearing of losing control.”

Below a long horizontal bar, you can see the tagline, which can be translated from French as “Swiss Master Chocolatier since 1845.”

Corporate symbol

Logo Lindt

This one is simpler than the primary Lindt logo. The type is a more generic one, although it still retains the “traditional” and “heritage” theme by using serifs and strokes of varying thicknesses.

Above the lettering “Lindt & Sprüngli” in gray, you can see two blue emblems. The dragon here looks more minimalist than in the primary logo.