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Tristar is a brand of firearms, manufactured in turkey and headquartered in the United States. The company was established in 1996 and is a family-run business.

Meaning and history

The Tristar visual identity is pretty simple yet memorable. The company’s logo is fully based on its name and looks strong and confident.

The Tristar logo is composed of a wordmark with a small graphical element in it. The lettering is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with distinct stencils of the “R”s. Two capital letters of the inscription, “T” and “S”, look solid and balance the logo.

The dot above the letter “I” is replaced by a star, reflecting the company’s name. There is also a curved line of an orbit, drawn around the “Star” part of the wordmark.

The colony uses two different color schemes for its logo. The light yellow is used more often when black on white is a more rare variant. Yellow is a symbol of progress and creativity, it also shows the Tristar as a company, that values its customers above all.

The company also has a three-dimensional version of the logo, where the lettering gains more volume and the color is changed to light gold, which looks sleek and elegant.

The Tristar logo is simple yet recognizable and bright. It shows the company, that cares about quality and aims to provide the world with the best product possible.