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Royal Jordanian is the name of the main air carrier of Jordan, which was established in 1963 and today is based in Amman — Queen Alia International airport, with its flights scheduled to more than forty destinations across the globe. The airline is a member of the international Oneworld sky alliance.

Meaning and history

Royal Jordanian logo

The Royal Jordanian Airlines visual identity is a very standard and elegant representation of the “Royal” part of the name. Starting with its color palette and finishing with the only graphical symbol on the logo. The badge of the air carrier from Jordan looks professional and timeless, so no surprise it hasn’t been changed for years.

The Royal Jordanian logo is composed of two lines of lettering, with the Arabic name of the company in the top line, and the Latin — under it. Though the bottom line is written in English, the style of the typeface screams the Middle East, with the elongated and slightly curved tails of the letters, it looks very sophisticated and authentic.

As for the graphical part of the airline’s logo, it features a very elegant and fine image of a crown, which is drawn in bold lines and catches all the attention first.

Executed in a gold-on-white color palette, the Royal Jordanian logo evokes a sense of nobility, chic, and grace, showing the company as the one focused on quality and providing their customers with services of the top level.

The visual identity of the company also shows how much the airline from Jordan values its traditions and roots, though the fancy lines and color palette of the simple yet sophisticated logo also represent the luxury direction of the brand.

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