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Schweppes is a brand of sparkling mineral and sweetened waters, established in 1783 in Switzerland. The most famous beverage of the label is Schweppes Tonic, which is recognizable and loves all over the world.

Meaning and history

Schweppes Logo history

The brand Schweppes was named after its founder, Johann Jacob Schweppe, Who started producing carbonated water in 1783. Schweppes’ visual identity is bright and fresh, making the brand stand out.
The Schweppes logo was always composed of a wordmark, which went through several modifications during its history. Today the wordmark is executed in an italicized serif font with smooth elegant lines and stretched first “S”.
The wordmark is placed in a diagonally located rectangular with two corners rounded. The shape of the frame evokes a sense of movement and dynamics. The yellow color of the background represents freshness and young energy.
Schweppes logo
On the top of the emblem, a red oval crest is located. It contains a white symbol, looking like stylized letters “M” or a fountain of mineral water. The symbol is underlined and the “1783” mark is written under the line.
The Schweppes logo is simple yet bright and instantly recognizable. The color palette of the brand resembles of sun and hot summer days, making you want to taste the famous brand’s drinks.